Hello my friends!

This is your friendliest of reminders that we have our first hangout of 2021 tomorrow morning.

Friday, January 8 at 11am ET

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Bring a coffee, bring a smile, bring some goals and challenges. Always a fun time!

So sorry to miss it the meetup this morning. Woke up with a pretty bad headache. Hope it was awesome!
The beer, by the way, was Schlitz. See the "image differentiation" section of this post. https://madisontaylormarketing.com/articles/how-to-determine-your-core-differentiators/
I learn something new every day!
 John E. Bredehoft   Thanks for sharing, very interesting.  You mentioned you thought it was Strohs, well that might be possible that Strohs used that campaign as Strohs acquired Schlitz.  As the world turns, Pabst then acquired Strohs.

The adult beverage industry sure has changed in recent years and many have gone from family owned businesses to parts of mega conglomerates. 

I remember stories of Augustine Busch talking about the pride he had in the Budweiser brand. Not sure which Auggie Busch it was when I heard that story. The last Busch to run the company was August Busch IV.  At one time the Busch brand was an American success story, Now they are part of a world wide conglomerate HQ in Belgium,

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