*Checks watch* ... It looks like we're due for another community meetup!

I love starting the year with some good old fashioned planning and goal setting. So for our New Year meetup, let's chat about our goals for the year, challenges holding us back, and of course welcome whatever new faces choose to join us.

Friday, January 8 at 11am ET

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Bring a coffee, bring a smile, bring some goals and challenges. Let's help each other kick the new year off right!
Good evening,
I welcome the opportunity to attend the meetup. Unfortunately I have a standing Friday meeting beginning at 11: 30 a.m. My best to everyone.
Congratulations on your engagement, Jay.Β  I just read your end of year email about your courses.Β  πŸ‘
Ahh thanks so much,Β ο»Ώ Roxanne g ο»Ώ! It's been an exciting end of the year!

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