Super exciting new feature to share with y'all here tonight...something I've been waiting quite some time for!

It's the new "Home" space, which functions like a feed for the community.

It's super simple: it aggregates the most recent topics across ALL the spaces you're a part of and displays them to you. So you don't need to bounce around between spaces if you don't want to, you can just react to the most recent posts here.

I'm thrilled about this, and think it will make it much much easier for you to stay connected with the community here in less time.

Let me know what you think! This is a beta feature, and I have direct feedback to the Circle team to suggest modifications. You won't hurt my feelings!

Click here to give it a look 🏠 
Interesting new interface feature.  I mentioned in a different community that I am still getting used to the community interface structure.  It isn't email nor social media feeds.  Circle seems more like Slack.  Another community I am in uses Might Networks and it has this home but so far Circle's implementation seems better because it aggregates your topics together.  Other thoughts:
  • Home seems like a better default place then Start Here.  Start Here is great but not has an opening page to the community.
  • Home seems like an endless scroll.  Not bad but ultimately looking for something that tells me if I have read something. The message at the top said it displays what is new since I last checked in.
  • Really like the option to control the appearance though "latest" seems like the best.
  • It doesn't appear if I see something in Home, that it is then marked as read in the topics on the left side.  I have the same thing with the email alerts, I click on an click from an email but it is still marked as unread in the bell indicator.

Regardless, I think the Home feature is a great addition to have new topics aggregated together.
Just noticed something for the first time.  Spaces like Job Opportunities have the topics collapsed but Introduce Yourself has the comments expanded.  Can Home is collapsed?  That would make skimming very easy.
 Matt Woicik  I wouldn't be surprised if that functionality is introduced soon, but not as of yet! Those are controls that I have on a space-by-space basis, but the backend of the Home feed isn't that robust yet.
These are all REALLY great points of feedback. I don't think the Home feed can yet tell if one person in particular has read a post, so I'm changing that language...it'll display the newest activity in the spaces you're in, but does not account for new TO YOU or not. Sharing the rest of the feedback with the team!
 Jay Clouse (he/him)  I think my only real annoyance with Circle is the notifications don't seem to sync.  So, already having multiple places to check.  The Home is a great feature but doesn't help with this issue though great to centralize new topics.
 Jay Clouse (he/him)  Here is a reproducible process.  I get an email alert for a new topic in the space "share your wins" for your latest topic "Let's celebrate your week".  I click the link in the email and the topic opens and thus I "read" it.

However, there is still a "1" notification on the spaces on the left navigation for "share your wins".  The only way to clear that notification is to click the space.  But, have have already read the topic.

Technically, the email click was for the topic in the space and the left navigation is the space with one unread topic.  But, I have read the topic so I would prefer the notification on the space to clear.

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