Hey everyone,

We have welcomed a ton of new faces here over the last week!

I'm thinking of putting together a community meetup in the next week or so as a place to get to know other members a little bit better.

If time wasn't an issue, would you attend?
Absolutely – probably Zoom or similar.

I was looking at something called High Fidelity yesterday:

Sure would.
Late afternoon and evening are best for me.
Late afternoon sounds good. I'm generally a family man after 4:30 (EDT).
I'm in the UK right now but I'm used to doing evening calls with stateside folks... probably latest I could feasibly do is up until 6pm EDT. After that, I'm zzzzzzz.... (Jeremy EnnsΒ will join as well, if I have anything to say about it.)Β 
Depends on the time. I'm free during the weekend and almost every weekday after 6 pm CET.
It's on! Scheduled for next Wednesday, July 22 at 4pm EST!

Click here to register (Zoom) and put it on your calendar

Looking forward to it!

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