Hey everyone,

A couple weeks ago on my podcast upside, we had a guest who literally owns the rights to selling ".club" domains.

Because I love a good domain, I bought "freelancing.club" which I currently have forwarding to this community.

So if you find yourself talking to someone about the space and you want to tell them where to head, "freelancing.club" will be a little easier to say than "community.freelancing.school" 🙂
It was super easy to come here!! Thanks!!
Proud to be here. Got introduced to Contena through a passing comment you made about a month ago. What kind of freelancer am I if I haven't heard of Contena before? But I've had my share of disillusionment from Upwork and Peopleperhour. I stopped trying to make it through these forums. Bad call? At any rate, I wish to try out Contena.

TL;DR: Glad and proud to be here. You add value every day!
I'm glad you're here too, Sargi!

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