The only way to grow is by getting outside of your comfort zone. But it can be really hard to push yourself outside of that comfort zone.

Every month, this community will host a unique challenge meant to push you a little bit outside of your comfort zone to help you grow your business faster.
This is a place to celebrate! If you line up a conversation with a potential client, share it on this thread.

If you LAND a client, share it on this thread! Let us celebrate with and learn from you.
I had a potential client flake on me today, but set up a call for tomorrow for something that might become a long term gig!Β 

I also had a really random call from someone who had totally unrealistic expectations and a ridiculously low budget but felt comfortable enough to turn him down. In the past, I think I would have agonized over the lost opportunity. Now I know it's not worth the stress and meager pay!
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Reached out to an owner of a development consulting firm in New York. Had a quick introduction call. We're talking again in a month.
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Helping consultants who have writing anxiety create writing standards so they can stop stressing and start producing consistently professional-looking proposals | Technical and Business Writer
This has been a week of wins for me:
  • A former colleague who now works at a small healthcare software company contacted me about doing some writing for them.
  • I hired a designer to create branded social media images for me, and they turned out great.
  • I had an awesomely fun Zoom call with Erica Holthausen yesterday, and she introduced me to this community.
  • We're having a new back porch built, and it will be finished today. I plan to sit out there as much as possible this weekend!
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Hey folks! As part of this months challenge prompts, I've asked you to start by creating a list of your advocates or existing clients.

Have you done that yet?

If so, comment below and let us know how many folks you've identified! And if you've started your outreach, that's event better. πŸ‘‡Β 
Hey everyone!

It's the first week of August, and our first full month together. So this month, I'm kicking off our first project...Operation New Client Project.

When I asked, it seemed that most of us could use the focus on getting more work in the door. And so, we will help each other do just that.

How it works
  • Every week, I will send you a prompt to help inspire and provide specific steps you can take to find new client work
  • Each Friday, I've scheduled a Zoom hangout for us to share notes – both our successes and our challenges

β†’ To enroll in the challenge, enter your email here ←

That will allow me to send you weekly email prompts, as well as send you the link to register for our weekly Friday calls.

Can't wait to kick this off with you all!

PS: Comment below and let me know what type of work you'll be selling!
OK - well out of my comfort zone now....but lets give it a go.

I'm offeringΒ  Full Market Potential Analysis and Planning. Doesn't sound very creative does it? But it is! It really stretches thinking and helps with exploration and innovation.Β 

Can be applied to any business but ideal for small to medium ones thatΒ 
1. have a physical product to sellΒ 
2. are consumer focused (not B2B)
3. want to go international but have no clue which markets to prioritise and how to make it happen
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Heads up everyone: I'm still getting the hang of ConvertKit. If you accidentally receive a duplicate email welcoming you to the challenge again, I apologize!
This sounds like a lot of fun.

Ironically, I landed a new client for a strategy consulting project where my objective is to deliver a micro and macro roadmap for their new business.

This client is a good friend from high school and we've each been a part of our respective entrepreneurial journeys from Day 1.

I've never charged my friend for advice but we've gotten to a point where if his business needs to be run in a professional way - which includes paying for all services, including those of my own.

The good thing is that I've allotted just 10 billable hours of work for this project for a test run this month.

My end goal is to expand my role in his company, increase my hours, and possibly become a full-time partner (permitting this project goes well).
Hey gang, I'm thinking about our first challenge that I'll start on August 1...what are your biggest priorities right now?

Specifically, would you prefer that we run a challenge based around:

  1. Landing new client work
  2. Improving your business systems
  3. Make progress on your own creative projects

Let me know! This will help me structure a great challenge for us.
I'm primarily interested in #1 & #2. I'd especially be interested in a challenge that involves acquiring clients outside of the freelancing websites (Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, definitely Truelancer, to name a few). I'm well established on most of them so I've long since gotten over the hump where finding decent customers is difficult on those sites, but breaking out on my own and finding clients outside of those sites was once very difficult for me. Especially in some of the places where I've been living.Β