This channel is for all things related to coaching. Whether you're a coach, looking for a coach, or have questions for a coach, it belongs here.

This space is intended to be free-flowing, so share away! No need to overthink.
I made this space FOR coaches...but I am also curious: have you worked with a coach?

I'm interested to hear:
  • What made it a great experience
  • What made it a bad experience
  • How you vetted/found that coach
  • How long you worked together

Just curiosity – thanks!
Years ago I worked with a Gerber Institute business consultant named Tom. Tom worked out of his home in San Diego. We scheduled a 2 hour phone
appointment (rarely lasted that long) every two weeks. He knew nothingΒ 
about insurance so this was a business only discussion.... He askedΒ 
questions that made me think about my business. He convinced me my clients did not buy Farmers Insurance they bought the Bill Lynch agency.
Now that I'm retired I wrote a book and publish a podcast to help agents
achieve growth by simplifying how they manage their agencies... Bill