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Please share a little bit about why you are recommending the event so that we can know what to expect before we hit the link!
From Sept. 22-24, Teachable is hosting the Share What You Know Summit. This summit is made specifically for those who want to earn an income from selling products or services online.

There will be more than 25 hours of live presentations, demos, workshops, and discussions, teaching you:

  • Creating your course/coaching content
  • Building and branding your site
  • Growing your email list
  • Driving sales
  • Diversifying and scaling your offerings
  • Overcoming self-doubt and β€œimposter syndrome”

These sessions are taught by some of the most successful creators online including:

  • Nicole Walters
  • GaryVee
  • Pat Flynn
  • Tiago Forte
  • Jay Shetty
  • Luvvie Ajayi Jones
  • ...and a lot more

Registration just opened Monday and prices are increasing all the time.

Tickets are $29 until Sept. 13, up to $39 until Sept. 21, and then $99 day of.

I expect this to be a super high-quality event, and even though I won't attend EVERY session myself, the few that I do plan to attend are worth the money at this point.
Let me be transparent: I'm a Teachable affiliate. I plan to attend this summit myself, because it genuinely seems awesome – but Teachable has also offered affiliates 100% of whatever ticket sales we are responsible for.

That's pretty crazy. But it means if you do purchase a ticket, your ticket will actually go to support ME as an independent creator.

And you better believe it's going straight into producing Creative Elements and my bills for services like ConvertKit, Airtable, Circle, etc.

So, if this is all appealing to you, THANK YOU, and just know your money is going to good use.

I bought my ticket! I'm not ready to do an online course, but it is something I want to do down the line. For those of you who offer online classes, when do you think is the best time to launch a course? What do you wish you knew before you launched your first online class? And my hunch is that filling an online class requires a good-sized email list, yes?Β Β 
Jay Clouse replied
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We have a great opportunity coming September 12th, it's our first RESET Virtual Conference!

The RESET Conference is a ONE DAY event that features strategists from around the country, providing tips, tools, and insight on how to RESET:Β  REFUEL, REALIGN, REIGNITE, your mindset, finances, business models, and so much more.

We hope you all can join us at RESET

Let's connect soon!

I am collaborating with an awesome co-working space (Brick House Blue) for an online event called "Design Your Destiny" next Friday, August 28th from 10 am - 11 am.

It's all about matching your skills and your passions with market demand to create a career you love!

Every day may we arrive at various crossroads within our personal and professional lives and it is up to us to make optimal decisions that propel us forward. Although each decision has its pros and cons, it is how we respond to our present circumstances that determine our outcome.

Those who navigate through the waves of life with control and purpose will find their calling and rest assured they will find their journey in life was purpose-filled.

Design Your Destiny will provide you with 5 Practical Tips for Creating a career that you love.

See you there!


For those of you who enjoy public speaking, or want to try public speaking, or are interested in learning how to land more public speaking gigs (even in the midst of a global pandemic), there are two FREE events I've signed up for that might be of interest.

1. The Experts Need to Know Show. This is coming up on Monday, August 24, and will feature a host and three panelists talking about how to boost your visibility by speaking, guesting on podcasts, and going live on social media. The panel is hosted by Tobin Slavin, who has become a good friend, and includes Steve Markman (I met him through the Society of Professional Consultants and I think he's brilliant), Richie Norton, and Molly Mahoney. The Livestream is on LinkedIn at 4 EST and will be followed by a Blitzr networking event, which is sort of like speed-dating for business owners but better. To make the most out of Blitzr, sign up on the platform in advance of the event.

2. How to Become a Sought-After Speaker in a Pandemic. Johanna Walker is running this free masterclass on September 2. To access it, you do have to register and that will land you on her email newsletter list, but you can always unsubscribe later if her stuff doesn't resonate with you. I've had a few conversations with Johanna and, though I don't know her well, I've always found her perspective quite valuable.Β 
Jay Clouse, given your weekly win, I thought these might be of interest! And I sent you an invitation on LinkedIn to the first one!
Awesome! Thank you for sharing! Mind if I move to the Events channel?
Erica Holthausen replied
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I teamed up with Teachable on a workshop to talk about how to attract new clients to your freelance business.

Some of the lessons covered during this free hour-long workshop include:Β 
  • Three channels for finding new clients
  • The best sales strategies for each channel
  • How to generate more inbound referrals
  • How to avoid competing on price
  • The mindset shifts you need to be more comfortable selling

Registration is free.Β 
Workshop details:
‍Date: August, 5th, 2020
Time: 3 p.m. Eastern Time / 12 p.m. Pacific Time
‍Even if you cannot make it live, by registering with the link below, we'll send out a workshop replay. Hope to see you live!

Click here to register
Who is ready to think about TAXES again?!

If tax season was rough for you this year, now is the perfect time to try and get ahead of the curve before the 2021 tax deadline.

I'm pulling in my friend Kristine, founder of Avant TaxWorks, to help sole props and single-member LLCs think about bookkeeping and what they need to do to make things neat and tidy so taxes go smoothly next year.

August 13 at 12:30pm EST

Click here to register
Hey guys,

Tomorrow (Tuesday, July 21 and 3pm EST) I'm co-hosting a sales webinar with HoneyBook.

If you want to come learn some sales strategies with us, register here!
We're having a virtual meetup!

Next Wednesday, July 22 at 4pm EST, we'll be hanging for up to an hour on Zoom. If you can make all of it, awesome. If you can make some of it, great!

No agenda other than getting to know each other and holding space to ask any questions you're working through for your freelance business.

Click here to register

That link will give you the call line and be added to your calendar.

I hope you'll join us πŸ™Β 
Thanks everyone who joined! That was really great.