The single best way to get better is through feedback. In this channel, you can ask for feedback on anything you're working on.ย 

You can ask for feedback on:

  • Things you're making to share
  • Things you're making for clients
  • Things you're making just for fun
  • ...anything, really.

Tips for giving feedback

It's important to be honest when sharing feedback on someone else's work. A huge part of giving feedback is providing constructive feedback.

So if you dislike or disagree with something someone shares, share that feedback in a constructive way that doesn't attack or insult the person.

Be honest, but be kind.

Tips for receiving feedback

It's best to assume positive intent when someone shares feedback with you. Don't take it personally, and really that when someone takes the time to share feedback with you, they are being generous.

Of course you're not obligated to listen to or take all feedback into account. But you should be open to and thankful for all feedback!