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Hey everyone!

I recently created an Upwork account because some fellow freelancers recommended the platform. I tried it out years back when rates were ridiculously low, so I was surprised to find writers making good money there. I set up my profile and I have an established profile to showcase, yet I've had zero luck.

Any suggestions as to how I can get started on Upwork? Or feedback on whether it's even worth the time? I found the best freelancing sites article helpful, but I'm curious to hear other peoples' experiences.
Hillary Lyons Basically all of what Brandon said is spot on - definitely need to know that in the early days you'll probably want/need to trade some $$ earning for getting projects and feedback on the platform.

The three big things that are important to do in the beginning:

  • Make sure your profile overview is written like an SEO optimized sales letter, not a CV/Resume
  • Make sure you're writing your proposals the same way (different structure/format but it's the same concept - you need to sell not just offer "here's where I've worked let me know if you want to hire me").
  • Send proposals consistently; I aimed for 2-4 a day/10-20 a week when I was getting started.

Happy to share specific feedback, my templates, and answer specific questions if you'd like!

Feel free to send me a message and we can follow up :)
Brandon replied
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UPDATE: I got my first Upwork client! It's a very low paying job but it's also quick and easy. Wish me luck!
The key is going in with the right mindset. Upwork gets a bad wrap from people who expect it to be the promised land. (I have issues with the company, but the platform is fine.)

It's like trying to date after moving to a new city. You'd prefer to date someone who you meet through a friend or at church or via some other vetting process. But what do you do if that doesn't pan out? You go to a singles bar.

The upside is that you'll find a lot of people who want to "date". The downsides are that there's no vetting and there are a lot of different views on dating. Some are looking for a 1-night stand. Others, like you, are good people who want a real relationship and don't know where else to go.

You need to work on your own process to filter out dirtbags and tire kickers. (I have to develop a new system since June's changes messed me all up.)
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Good luck this week, everyone! What will make this week a success for you?
I'm visiting my cousin this week, so the bar for success is pretty low! I want to keep my inbox relatively manageable so I don't feel incredibly overwhelmed when I dive in next Monday!
Jay Clouse replied
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I have a project to get back on track. Shouldn't be too hard - not that far behind. But I'll feel better once it's there.
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Suggestions on how to strengthen communication and business writing skills?

Any trainings?

Thank you!
Hello There, Leydis,

LinkedIn Learning has countless communication & business writing courses. As an added bonus, you can still buy Lynda lifetime memberships on eBay. Since was bought by Microsoft (, you can get a lifetime on LI learning for a couple of bucks. Even I bought up a couple dozen memberships some months ago.
Thanks so much, Ill check it :)
Write more.Β 

Free write.
Copy text that you feel is high-quality - literally word for word.
Publish your "bad" stuff to get feedback.
Hi All!Β 

I'm after some advice. Do any of you use any apps / websites to manage appointments?

I would rather use a digital solution for coaching clients to select appointments, based on availability I have uploaded.

Any advice?Β 
I use Calendly. They have a free version that works if you only have one type of appointment and a paid subscription plan that is either $8 or $12 a month depending on how robust you need it to be.
I use Calendly a LOT. I almost feel guilty they don't charge me more. Big big fan, but have never really tried any serious alternatives.
Welcome to a new week, friends! What are your goals for this week?
Three goals for the week:

  1. Finalize my website checklist ebook.
  2. Write a 5-series email short course related to the ebook for new subscribers.
  3. Launch it!
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What do you think the biggest difference in mindset is for the terms "freelancer" and "business owner"? Can they be one in the same?

Just thinking as I transition into a different role in my business!
I totally think it's one in the same. In fact I think itΒ needsΒ to be. If you aren't embracing the fact that youΒ areΒ a business owner, then your freelanceΒ businessΒ probably won't support you for very long πŸ˜…
Jenni Kowal replied
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I think successful freelancers tend to operate as businesses. But I've seen many freelancers who are nothing more than a hired pair of hands in a longterm contract with a single company. They're practically employees.
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