This channel is for expressing some gratitude to people in the community, the universe, or anything else.Β 

Sharing gratitude is a gift to yourself and others – so share away!
I think it was a week or so ago thatΒ Brandon recommended Quoters to help manage the proposal process. I picked up a copy from AppSumo (If you're interested, Brandon has a code that will get you $10 off and get him $10 towards his next purchase), and ignored it.

Until this week.

I just finished putting together a proposal on Quoters. I tested it out by sending a copy to myself. It is a game-changer and is going to make this entire process sooooo much easier!

So, thank you, Brandon!Β 
My pleasure Erica! I'm more than happy to have helped!Β 
Amazing! I was just thinking to myself, "I haven't heard fromΒ BrandonΒ in a while..." and I'm glad he's still poking around! πŸ˜‰Β 
Brandon replied
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I want to thankΒ Erica Holthausen for being a HUGE part of both this community (she's constantly giving her time and feedback + inviting others in) as well as sending some personal introductions to me over LinkedIn last week.

She's a powerhouse, and I'm not sure how she manages it all.

Erica, your selflessness is noticed and very much appreciated πŸ™Β 
Last week I felt like one of those circus performers with a ton of plates all spinning on different sticks.Β 

Way. Too. Many. Plates.

So, I came here. Freaked out a bit. AndΒ Brandon,Β Jay Clouse,Β Josh Robbs,Β Bill Lynch, andΒ Bill Fox reminded me to breathe and gently stopped a few of those plates from spinning, stacked them up in a nice, neat pile, and put them to the side. They also reminded me to breathe and assured me that I wasn't the only one who felt like a whirling dervish from time to time.

Thank you, gentlemen! You have no idea how much I needed that bit of perspective!

I haven't known Alex long. In fact, we met here at Freelancing School. He is also in content marketing, and I always enjoy learning from other writers, content marketers, and editors. But it's Alex's perspective that I so appreciate. He thinks about the business side of being a content marketer in a way that is quite different from my own. His approach is different, his perspective is different, and his style is different. He pushes me to think more broadly with every post and comment. So, mad gratitude toΒ Alex BellΒ for giving me a lot to think about!
Second the gratitude for our friendΒ Alex Bell! He's constantly sharing leads in the Job Opportunities channel, too.
Your so welcomeΒ Erica Holthausen! I've spent most of my first few years in the business focusing on listening and learning and doing a lot.

More recently (in communities like this one) I've been starting to share what I've found knowing I still have a lot of listening/learning/doing to do, but in the hopes that I might know a couple of things that can help others at this point.

Glad to know that's the case and happy to continue to help you along your journey!