Excited to meet everyone!

Almost as excited as I am to answer this list of questions!!

What brought you here?
My appreciation for the value of network and community in freelancing (even outside of 2020).

AND My desire to support the one and only Jay Clouse :)

What kind of work do you do?
I'm a content marketing consultant aka I help businesses with their blogs, emails, website designs, analytics, Facebook ads, SEO...

Basically if it has something to do with "digital marketing" I've probably seen and/or done a project on it.

These days I've been more focused on niche website building and the related content creation, SEO, and all the little "oh this needs to get dones" involved in that.

What is the biggest challenge you're facing right now?
At this very moment, I'm starting a few new projects so it's mostly getting all the little details sorted out and organized so I can get back to a regular rhythm with work life.

One of my favorite things on the internet at the moment/still: 

This video is amazing haha welcome man! Can attest, Alex knows his way around all things digital marketing, SEO, and "oh this needs to get done."

He's also a resident Upwork expert.

Thanks for joining the party!
This video is amazing. Awesome to meet you Alex!

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