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Just saw this, which sounds like someone here!

Respond directly to him here

Had someone reach out to me about a Google Adwords project.

Is this you or someone you know? Let me know and I'll make the connection!

"I have a client who is looking to run Google Ads to capture leads for people looking to list their own houses (for sale by owner) in the Tampa Bay Area. I need someone who can run and manage the Ads for me.

His budget is $550/mo for management and $1,000/mo. in ads right now."
I worked with Marco Mottola and Ed Bailey at Trigger Digital in my last position. Wicked nice guys. Super knowledgeable. You can check out their website or email them: marco@trigger.digital or ed@trigger.digital. If you let them know I passed along your name that would be great!
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Thank you for sharing these! πŸ™Β 
*Here's the job description I got, let me know if you're interested and I'll connect you!*

We are looking for a TOP direct response copywriter for several VSLs that we want to create for the Clickbank Health & Supplement niche. This would involve the front end VSL, as well as upsells/downsells and the email creatives.

Some of the top selling products out there on Clickbank currently are:

Please have a look, and let us know your experience as well.Β 

I've been asked by an industry association I often work with to provide a few recommendations for folks with experience facilitating virtual workshops on leadership and personal/professional development.Β 

Anyone have an hour-long offering ready to go for an audience of 30-40ish?

They are looking to fill a few spots in September. Their budget isn't huge for an hour (sub $1K) - but if you're interested, please let me know and we can set up an intro!


If you're looking for more suggestions, I believe Jeremy Johnston does these sort of things.Β  Let me know if you'd like a connection!
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I have a workshop on deepening life purpose - it's for online exploring / group format and offers the opportunity to connect, play and explore life purpose in growing one's leadership. It's very interactive and participants will leave feeling energized and curious. I would love an introduction, thanks! K
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Willing to be of service with providing leadership/ wellness/mindfulness virtual sessions. Let’s chat more: cenell@ccwellnessinc.comBest to you Reagan!Β 
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Had a lead come through; not something I have the capacity for at the moment - let me know if you or someone you know is interested!

Had a lead come through via Upwork; not something I have the capacity for at the moment - let me know if you or someone you know is interested!

Job Description:

Hey everyone,

I've been seeing a lot of job opportunities being added to Contena recently (photo attached).

If you're a copywriter looking for gigs, it's worth creating an account!

You can use my link here.

Hey yall,

Have a lead on a project - let me know if you're this person or know this person!

"Im looking for someone that can provide great, creative, sales based content. Ie Social ads, and email content for lead nurture. It is very easy to find many, competent writers and proofreaders, that can all do satisfactory corporate work that is also totally boring. Im trying to find someone with a voice for an innovative disruptive university. Think Virgin airlines copy Vs United Airlines copy

if you find such a group of people, I'm interested in how it worked out. Content is one thing I have not yet mastered. I'm very skilled at SEO principles. Off-page, on-page, off-site, technical, e-commerce, but writing SEO-infused content is just hard for me. I can do it if I'm in a pinch. And for some reason every web design project I do for my clients I end up writing over 1/2 the content. You'd think I'd be good at it by now, but I struggle with it every time. I barely have the creativity to write a good meta post, much less an article based around a set of keywords and phrases. It's just a challenge. I'd love to hear your strategies.
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I started freelance writing years before the internet went commercial. As I say in my tag lines, geek speak made simple. I started writing for regional business publications explaining new technology in the late 80s early 90s. I discovered the best way to reach people was to cut through the buzz words and just tell a story.

I hear what you are saying, as telling the story is no longer the main goal. I recently wrote an article for someone that they pitched to me.Β  When I offered a follow up article they said needed to think about it, had to see how it worked out for SEO.

When I first started writing for the online world I would first write the article, and the go back and see what words I was using were not the most likely to be searched on.Β  Writing for the online world was like learning a new language.Β