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Hey everyone!

It's a priority for me this year to produce more content on the Freelancing School blog. Last year, I taught myself a little bit about SEO in terms of keyword research, outlining, and writing something that ranks really well, and I'd like to pour on the gas this year...

My plan is to hire writers who can help me with creating the first drafts of the post. I'll have keywords in mind, we will collaborate on the outline, but I'lll leave most of the draft up to you.

Before I go to Upwork or elsewhere to find someone to help me with this writing, I wanted to start here with you all!

If you're interested, email jay@freelancing.school with:
  1. A link(s) to previous writing you've done (specifically for SEO if possible)
  2. Your existing process for planning an article to rank for search (if you have it)
  3. Your typical freelance writing rate

Would love to collaborate with folks here!
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