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(wasn't quite sure where to post this question - hope this is OK!)

Any SEO pros here?Β 

I'm wondering about the impact on SEO of publishing content from your blog to Medium. I understand it used to be frowned on, but does it still hurt SEO? Does it matter if you wait a couple of days/weeks between posting in the two places?

In Medium, you can manually point to the original source of the content when composing a Medium post. So Google will always ignore it and should not penalize it. Look for Advanced Settings.
Charmaine Dymond replied
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Anyone using Quora to get clients?

I see a lot of people reccomending it
Never even considered it!
I pulled a few clients from Quora, but I have more luck with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Content Marketing on my own site & around the web though. I never really got much traction with Quora except for a few people looking for me to organize tours for them in Romania & LATAM, which isn't really my forte.Β 
Wanted: A CRM that Doesn't Make Me Scream!

Okay, so I'd love to hear what you use for your CRM? My needs are pretty basic. I'm trying to be intentional about outreach but I also need to track who I spoke to when and about what and when I should touch base again. A lot of the CRMs I've looked at could take over a small country. Spreadsheets are flexible, but not exactly elegant. And I'd really like something that reminds me to follow up. So:

  • What do you use?Β 
  • What do you love about it?Β 
  • What do you wish was different about it?
I use Pigeon for Gmail.

It's very minimalistic and integrates directly into Gmail which is really cool.
I'm not familiar with Pigeon. I tried Streak, which also integrates with Gmail, but most of my audience is on LinkedIn, so I need something a bit more robust. I just looked into Airtable (thank youΒ Jay Clouse) and it looks like it integrates with Asana (which I use everysingleday). So that might be a good solution for me since I can customize it! We'll see!
Jay Clouse replied
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Hi, Erica
I hope this finds you well. I think it's better to have a few connections but engaging individuals. Those that have the same objectives and it makes it easier when you are looking to outsource work. That's my take.Β 
What ESP do you use? MailChimp? ConvertKit? Something else?

I'm about to make the switch from MailChimp to ConvertKit!
I LOVE mailerlite! It's much easier to use/more intuitive than Mailchimp.
I’m still using MailChimo at the moment because of the integrations / compatibility with other products :)Β