This is a place for you to share the music you're listening to and recommend! We all need a little variety in our work tunes especially, so let us know what music is giving YOU life.

Please share a little bit about why you are recommending the music so that we can know what to expect before we hit the link!
This is one of my favourite songs to listen to when I work!Β 

I really love this. Please keep sharing tunes like this when they come to mind!

A musical suggestion and a proud Auntie moment. Okay, so I'm not really Zach's aunt, but I've known him since he was a pimple-faced pre-teen and I think he's wildly talented. He is alsoΒ Laura Ciampa's youngest son. And you can find more of his work on Spotify!Β Β 
What! First of all, this is great. Second of all, isΒ Laura CiampaΒ quickly becoming our resident celebrity??
1. Thank you, Erica, for giving Z (aka Haelphon) a shoutout!
2. So far out of my comfort zone, it isn't even funny.
3. Lol, Jay. 3 words that have never been together in the same sentence- Laura C and celebrity. Haha. ;)
I first heard this song covered by Ben Platt on Instagram, and it is so good.

This is beautiful. And now I have a better sense of your musical tastes!
Jay Clouse replied
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I need some new tunes! What are you listening to lately?
This is one of my all-time favorite focus mixes. Enjoy!