Recently I met a web designer named Chris Misterek.

He has a really great side project called the Self-Made Web Designer, and he read my recap of my last three year's freelancing.

​He asked me to come on his podcast to talk about that journey and to dive deep into pricing your services and increasing your income as a freelancer.

​To be honest, I go on a lot of podcasts and I don't end up sharing most of them. But Chris's show is different for two reasons:

  1. What we talked about is super focused to freelancers
  2. He did a fantastic job of producing the show to sound great
So, if you're interested, take a listen! We talk about:

  • How I scaled up my hourly rate (and why you should ditch hourly)
  • A few simple things that you can do to be successful as a freelancer
  • How to use your long term vision to keep going when things get hard
  • How to gradually get bigger name clients
  • How to overcome fear and increase your rates
  • How to price for happiness rather than value or market rate
  • How a willingness to walk away is a key factor in increasing your income as a freelancer
  • How to understand your true value as a freelancer
  • How to understand what a client means when they say they have a certain budget
  • The importance of your personal budget in being successful as a freelancer
  • Why energy management is more important than time management
If that sounds interesting, take a listen!

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Hey all!

I wanted to share this week's episode of Creative Elements speaking with Ran Segall of Flux Academy!

Previous to Flux, Ran was a freelance designer with nearly 20 years of experience.

Flux Academy started in 2015 as a YouTube channel called Flux. That channel has 200K subscribers and more than 9M views.

In this episode we talk about Ran’s experience freelancing, what he learned working in a design agency, why he created the Webflow Masterclass, how he pre-sold it to his audience, and why Consistency has allowed him to build an audience and a business larger than himself.

Hey everyone!

I recently recorded an interview with Ian Paget of Logo Geek to talk about all things freelancing.

We discuss a wide range of topics to help you succeed as a freelance designer. This includes common mistakes freelancers make, the importance of systems, networking and relationship building, CRMs and managing your finances.

For show notes and episode transcription:

Hey folks! I wanted to share this week's episode of Creative Elements, speaking with Morgan Nield. Morgan specializes in Etsy and helping sellers build marketing systems for their shops. Her own Etsy shop did $600K+ in sales before shutting it down to move to digital products.

We even dive into Pinterest and how she utilizes a Facebook Group, so there's a lot to dig into here that I thought folks here may enjoy!
I'm back recommending another episode of Tropical MBA!

This week, the founder of an accounting firm talks about productized services – i.e. services that are packaged like a product and not scoped for each client.

They cover service-based businesses and product businesses's a great, thought-provoking listen regarding service business models.

I love Tropical MBA. This episode was focused on a founder of a SaaS business, so it may be outside the realm of interest for some of us here, but I loved his perspective as a business owner.

This wasn't planned, but the timing is super relevant. This week on Creative Elements I talked to Natalie Franke, head of community for HoneyBook about her journey.

She talked a lot about community – she even stopped running a $250K+/yr photography business to focus on building community.

Give it a listen if you're interested!

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