I'll be interviewing Sahil Lavingia, the founder of Gumroad in a couple of weeks...if you have questions for him about digital products or selling on Gumroad, let's hear 'em!
Is anyone here already building or offering a digital product?
I just build a free digital product! It is a free mini course on how to build your self care routine. 

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Hi! i've always made physical products by hand. I've got one product that sells almost every day, I cant even keep stock. i've been making it by hand for over 20 years so much that I can make one in under 5 minutes blindfolded. So i bought a glowforge Laser Printer so I can invent and design new products the machine can make over and over and can just be assembled. Is there any other Makers here who have used laser printers. Im learning as I go.