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Mad Props + Gratitude!

Because of this community and the wisdom ofย Jay Clouse, I now have a CRM that doesn't make me scream. I set it up on Airtable. It's suited to me, I can change it as necessary, and it's super flexible. It even talks to Asana. Okay, so I haven't set it up to do that yet, but I can use Zapier to send follow-up notifications to me through Asana. When I first looked at Airtable, I didn't really get it because it looks just like a spreadsheet. But drop-down menus are easy to create, and if you change a tag, it applies that change to all of the existing data! I am an inveterate tweaker and Airtable lets me tweak and change and modify and refine to my heart's content!ย 

So, thank you all for sharing your wisdom!
๐Ÿ‘ย  ๐Ÿ‘ ย 

This is so awesome to hear, Erica! You obviously did all the legwork in getting it setup โ€“ just glad to hear you found a system that is working for you!
Yeah, but the kick in the proverbial pants came from YOU and this community of beautiful humans!
I'm looking to do reach out to some potential guests for Creative Elements.

Are there any guests you'd love me to try and bring on? If they are a creative making an independent living from their work, they fit the mold!

Past guests include Seth Godin, James Clear, Vanessa Van Edwards, Cat Coquillette, and a bunch more.
Artie Isaac!ย 
(it would mean listening to two of my favorite people at the SAME TIME! Wowza.)