In true Steal Like An Artist fashion, this channel is dedicated to Austin Kleon and his book, Show Your Work!

This channel is about celebrating the things that you make, inspiring others, and telling stories. Show us the things you've put time into and are proud of, and what you learned in the process.
Thanks for the interest in my childrens book. Still working on the full animation but here's a short video I created to promote the book -
It looks like bad things are hanging out in that cave haha is this about safe internet usage?
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Hello freelancing school community,

It's roughly been around 3 years since I started screen printing. To celebrate I've decided to have a SALE! All prints seen on my Esty shop are now 50% off from today! You can view the shop here: ( The sale will go on for a month. It'll be part of my artist support pledge (every Β£1000 made I'll buy a piece from another artist). I'm also on the lookout for galleries to get in touch with for future exhibitions so if anyone knows of any which may be interested in my work please let me know. Thanks!
Static web site as of now.Β  I am in process of learning responsive design. Once I get that accomplished I will feel more comfortable marketing myself as a dev

I welcome feedback

Hey Deann, looks like a great start!

Love your green monochrome theme, I'd lower the portfolio text to better align with the images and use H tags for the names/programing languages for each.

Stretch goal: make the images zoom/expand a little when you hover over them!
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Fantastic start! I think Adem and Alex had some great advice for you so I don't want to overload you on comments but I have something which might help. I came across this article ( about readability online (more aimed at long articles but still worth keeping in mind).
Thank you !Β  That is a great article.Β  I welcome additional comments :). I appreciate experienced input!
Here's a redesign of the homepage of my personal site. I'm trying to use colors that I normally don't feel comfortable using bright colors on a white theme, but I took a chance. I'd appreciate your feedback on this one.

I like the bold colours against the white background. It pops.Β 
Colors and overall design look great Jamie!

3 suggestions:

  • Swap out the script font; hard to read
  • Instead of having "request consultation buttons" for each and every service, just have one at the bottom of this section; most visitors on your homepage will want/need to learn more from you by digging into your individual services. For those that are ready to go, you want to give them the option, but this will be a smaller group and thus the consultation buttons should have less attention
  • I usually recommend against sliders in homepage hero sections, people can miss certain slides that might be the right fit/get confused
I spent about 5 minutes laying this out. Normally it would have been a 2-3 day plan and layout, after setting up an instance of WordPress or Magento, and finally, after 4-6 hours, you get to put something down on canvas. With wireframe prototyping, you can layout a landing page in minutes, like I just did for the one below. You can focus on spacing, aesthetics, and strategy instead of worrying about colors, fonts, buttons, and all that jazz. I mean, it's necessary for a full-blown production project, but when you're trying to sharpen your skills and crank out a bunch of ideas, it's the way to go. I HIGHLY recommend any of your freelance designers, take advantage of Adobe XD. It's the most powerful design platform, collaboration platform, and prototyping platform on the market. And it's 100% FREE! Thanks in advance for your comments!

I just laid this one out in about 45 minutes. I'm pulling from assets and redesigning them, creating new ones, and throwing it all together. The key is definitely to keep it spaced out and minimal. I used to be a glammy designer. Bunching everything up. Nothing could breathe. Now I really try to keep it nice and spaced and let things glow open a bit.

I haven't done any animation or board movements, but you can scroll through it like a webpage. My next move it to take that same design and make a tablet/mobile versions. Then tie them all together in as a seamless responsive design.

Here's the review link. - Please comment on the review site or here. I like the feedback a lot!


Here's a screenshot of the page in case you don't to click on the link and leave this awesome community! :)
This project was totally done in XD. It was one of my first that I used prototypes and micro animations (or states as XD calls it). I also have a review link set up so you can preview the page and even make comments. You'll need a password to access the project. Please comment on the review site page and in here if you would. I am open to ALL SUGGESTIONS: good, bad, or indifferent! I love growing and you can only grow if you screw up every once in a while! Thanks!

The link to the live review site isΒ  (Remember, this is a prototype so only a few things click. The menu icon and the SERVICES options in the menu are itself all click. Just click around and you'll know if it doesn't do anything! LOL)

The password is to the project is Wavy2020

HeyΒ Jamie Richards, I gave some brief feedback here. Before I dive deeper in terms of copywriting feedback, wanted to make sure that was even in scope!

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