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I'm thrilled that you found your way here. This community is made for people like you who want to level up their freelance business.

Whether you're freelancing full time or just on the side, think of this community like your crowdsourced business mentor. Whenever you have a question, this community will be there to help you find the answer.

And that works because we all look out for each other here. There are two types of people in this world: Givers and Takers.

We all take every now and then – that's what asking for help is all about.

But we all need to Give a little too.

So when someone asks a question that you can help with, weigh in! We want your point of view. We need it.

Don't just be a Taker.

This space is a resource. It shouldn't feel like work to spend time here. 

Instead, this should be be a pleasant and useful place to spend your time. It will not only help you find the answers and support you need, but real relationships too.

How It Works

At the core, this community helps in two major ways:
  1. Connecting you to other freelancers like you
  2. Serving as a growing knowledge base of freelance information

But there are a ton of other benefits too – I'll share work opportunities, we will have live events from time to time, and challenges to help you level up.

It's easy to create new questions, just click "New Topic" within whatever space makes the most sense.

I'm excited that you're here – feel free to reach out and say hello.
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