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My name is Sherifdeen. I am an article writer and a poet.Β  I am happy to be hereΒ 
I'm glad that you're here too!
My name is Mel Lane and I just graduated from Full Sail University with a GRDBS and I am looking for a mentor.
Hi Mel! In my neck of the woods, Full Sail is a beer.Β  Assuming that's not the university you graduated from.Β  What is GRDBS?
Hey everyone! I'm a writer and director really love online business
Greetings, fellow freelancers. I'm a British writer and content creator, mostly English or ESOL for home education, as well as my own short stories and fiction. Happy to discuss team-ups for projects or marketing. I'm building a site to showcase my own and others' work.
Hello Freelancers. My name is Elizabeth Gower and I write Children Stories for Facebook posts in my Children's Stories & Writing 2 Group. I also write memoirs/ghostwriter and would love to get to know everyone here. Coming onboard with my own business trying to figure it all out. I am on many social media websites and ready to get going. If anyone has any information regarding a website please do not hesitate to share and let me know if you would like some stories. Also on a side note I plan, too, a skill I am researching with at this point. Anyone want a planner service?

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