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A couple weeks ago, I sat down with Josh Hall (does incredible tutorials on how to use Divi on YouTube) and talked about selling. I've shared some of this in previous interviews, but there's a lot of new stuff too.

In this episode:
03:32 – Greeting to Jay
04:25 – Being a β€œCreator”
07:14 – Changing a work style
09:35 – Creating confidence
12:12 – Anyone can advocate
14:33 – Realistic expectations
16:37 – Reinforcing yourself
18:57 – Small celebrations
25:29 – Comfort in certainty
27:29 – Action steps
32:12 – Pricing tell a story
34:26 – Everyone listen!
37:17 – Investment not cost
41:47 – Exciting start
45:15 – Opportunity cost
49:34 – Qualified definition
55:16 – Seasonal coaching
56:30 – Forming habits
1:00:12 – Capacity advantage

  1. This can serve as a BYS crash course if you are curious about it.
  2. It's aimed at coaches (which shares a lot of ideas with consultants).
  3. Has a nice, quick networking system. Not revolutionary, but solid if this is a hole in your system.
  4. Has a great (but short) bit about Intellectual Property. We've discussed that by niching waaaaay down, you can then stop promoting yourself and promote the niche (or category) instead. This is a step further than that. If you create a signature, branded, named process or service, you've created a space where competition is legally prevented from competing with you. And it can function as a category functionally. You can spend all your time talking about *The Yada System* instead of saying, "Look at me."

Ends in pitch for their coaching program. Honestly, I'd buy it if I had the available funds. But I'm a BYS/Matthew Kimberly fan.
Nice! I've been a Matt Kimberley fan for a while too, and I've heard him talk about this. I'll take a look!

PS: Spent a day with Matt in San Diego a couple years ago, Ask Me Anything πŸ˜‚Β 

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