When you're self-employed, it can be really easy to look past all the good and focus on everything going wrong.

This channel is an invitation to reflect on your wins (and losses) to celebrate with the group and share with us what you learned in the process.

  • Signed a big client? Let us know!
  • Had a big month of revenue? Let us know!
  • Finished a project you've been working on? We want to hear about it.

Anything that you want to celebrate, we are here to celebrate with you.

Every Friday to end the week we'll prompt you to share, but feel free to share any win at any time.
Good morning, everyone! How did your week go?

At the risk of some crossover with any wins you've experienced related to our challenge, Operation New Client Project, let's hear how your week went!

A couple wins for me:
  • Crossed 100K downloads on Creative Elements!
  • Lined up a call with a strong lead on Monday
  • Moved my entire business from MailChimp to ConvertKit (HUGE win)
  • Really excited about our August Challenge – 120+ people joined!

OK, enough about me – let us know what you're celebrating this week! πŸ‘‡Β 
- Submitted two proposals
- Booked two workshops (one paid, one for community)
- Re-organized the backyard (finally!) and planted more beauty
- Supported two coaching clients in creating breakthroughs
- Slept in!!
  • Had 2 wonderful calls with prospective clients. I'm hoping to seal the deal with proposals next week.
  • Scheduled another prospective client call for Tuesday.
  • Spent a good chunk of time putting my new SEO and Google analytics skills to use and it felt great!Β 
  • Kicked some serious butt with my new D&D character in a campaign I just started last night...πŸ™ƒ
  • Engaged with two new clients
  • Accepted an invitation to collaborate with a new tribe of EOS Implementers
  • Added two newΒ  tools to my practice
  • Completed my 2020 Pelotonia challenge
Hey folks!

Hard to believe it's already Friday! How did your week go? What can you celebrate?

  • I recorded three interviews for Creative Elements this week
  • Creative Elements has it's first major sponsor: Podia!
  • I was interviewed on three other podcasts this week
  • New Freelancing School students! πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“Β 

Let me know how your week went!
  • Made my first $3 from affiliate marketing!
  • Finally got the "get started" payment for a Facebook ads campaign I've been working on closing the last 2-3 weeks
  • Getting close to buying another affiliate marketing website with one of my friends/colleagues!
- I launched a limited edition print shop on my website this week!
My first set is called The Takeout Collection, check it out: https://cecilyabrownshop.squarespace.com/
I am excited to have an ongoing project that will keep me creating fun work to sell every few months.Β 
Many friends shared and I got a few orders, so far so good!Β 

- I connected with two new photographers this week

-I wrapped up a big project and booked a new shoot on Tuesday ($$!!!)Β 

- Scheduled a fun, spontaneous (socially distant) shoot with a good friend for this weekend
Hillary Lyons replied
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  • Booked an Airbnb for a work retreat on the coast mi-August! I cannot wait to get out of the house just so I can isolate myself amongst the redwoods and dedicate some uninterrupted focus to my work.
  • Spiffed up my LinkedIn profile (and a bazillion other profiles on different platforms – I'm casting a wide net).
  • Finished a pretty dense article.Β 
  • Baked some sourdough bread. That's my kinda meditation.
Jay Clouse replied
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Happy Friday, everyone!

How did your week go? Let's take a moment to reflect on the good things! A few wins I can share...

  • Landed my first major podcast sponsor! (More info to come, but they are one of the companies in the Tools & Resources section...)
  • We had a GREAT live community call on Wednesday! Thanks to the fine folks here who joined us.
  • Lined up a couple big podcast interviews for the coming weeks.
  • Setup a webinar with Teachable a couple weeks from now

Your turn!
  • Wrapped up a couple of projects; nice sense of completion there :)
  • Just about "finished" delegating some ongoing work so I can keep focusing on the most important work
  • Learned more about how to cook tofu; key takeaway: it *will* stick to your grill
  • Exercised 3 times this week!
  • Made a lot of progress on a client's website copy and design
  • Completed a few tasks that I had been putting off for a long time; felt a lot of momentum after that!
Jay Clouse replied
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Hey everyone!

Let's take a minute to look back and recognize what went well this week!

I'll start:

How did your week go?
I had four wins this week:
  1. Met with a new strategic partner
  2. Attended my Strategic Coach Workshop
  3. Had a great vision building day with a client
  4. Wrote three blogs
Jay Clouse replied
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  • Sing up work a new course on Coursera - How to write emails for businessΒ 
  • had amazing feedback from my clients all are happy Β 
  • As always just learning :)

How are you liking your AirPod Pros, Jay? I've had mine for a couple of months. I like the sound better & they seem a bit more durable, but I hate that you have to squeeze the pros. I still find myself trying to double-tap the things.

This week I had 3 wins:
  • Completed a large .Net Core WebAPI project
  • Finished my first .Net Core Blazor project.
  • Hit my LinkedIn Learning & Pluralsight goals (Content Marketing and Dapper respectively).
Jay Clouse replied
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Hey everyone,

It's time to share your biggest wins for the week! Just comment below πŸ‘‡ and share a couple of things you're proud of or that went right for you. Β 

This week was pretty intense for me because I wanted to allow myself to go fully off the grid through the weekend for a birthday trip with my partner, Mallory. She rented an Airbnb treehouse for us in the woods!

And thankfully, I got everything scheduled for this weekend and early next week so I can have some peace of mind when I head off the grid.

One of those projects was launching this community, so thanks for helping it get off to a strong start.

All in all, a great week!
  • Continued making progress on all the new projects I've taken on - starting to get the to do queue cleared!
  • Got to spend a lot of time outdoors/with family and friends for the holiday weekend
  • Was able to give and receive feedback on some important decisions with a few friends
1. I am busy with a novel and is 14 000 words into it. Β 
2. I have completed my third week with The Artist's Way byΒ  Julia Cameron and enjoy the morning papers immensely.Β 
3. Not an accomplishment but applied for a virtual assistant position and was not considered for the work. The person didn't even honour the interview schedule. I felt down about it since I really need the work but then... it is all about attitude so keep the chin up and continue on this path, right.Β