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Data Analyst, Freelancer
I am a Data Analyst with 2.5 years of work experience. I do freelancing as well. I love hiking and playing football.
Hey folks,

I am a data analyst and I have recently started freelancing. I am using Reddit to get my clients but for the last 2 weeks work has gone down and I was wondering what are the different sources you have used to get clients and what were the results, which ones were effective and which weren't. What worked for you in the long-term? etc

Please share your thoughts on it. Thanks!!
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--> Does a personal website/portfolio/blog helps in getting clients?

It certainly helps. What are the typical frequently asked questions someone looking for your services would ask?ย  Have a website and blog that addresses those questions.

Once you have that website and blog set up, you now have something to promote on social media. Throw out a typical question on all forms of social media and see what kind of reaction you get. I've made lifelong contacts and good friends on just about every form of social media.ย 

It's interesting that you say you're using Reddit. I have not been on that platform in years, found them to be the most difficult to connect with, least friendly. The attitude varies quite a bit with each sub-reddit
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December is a tough month with the holidays. ย 

If you haven't already looking in the marketplaces, you might look at Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr and similar websites. ย 

There also may be local sources to network.ย  In the United States, I have joined Chamber of Commerce and local Meetup groups.ย  Not sure if there are similar organizations in India.
Hi everyone!ย 

My name is Vishal.
I work as a Data Analyst at PayNearby Tech. in India. I have around 3 years of work experience and I have also started to do freelancing recently.
I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and learning from each other here especially fellow data analysts!ย