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Mindset Coach, Rise Love Live
Hello - glad to be here! I am new to the coaching and course biz and excited to learn from this community!! I love to cook and relaxing at the beach.

Freelance Writing - Job Platforms

Hello, all, and happy Wednesday to you!

I had an email (I think) come "across" my desk not too long ago, and I thought I saved it someplace safe - haha - on the list to organize my resources.

Anywho, I thought it came from  Jay Clouse (he/him) , but I'm not 100% sure, so I thought I'd bring my question/ask to you lovely folks!

Jay had provided two or three resources where you can find Freelance writing/copywriting jobs, and I simply cannot find the links.

I am aware of Upwork, WritersWork, and FIVERR, but Upwork and FIVERR on the wayyy lower end of the scale.

Jay do you remember what you sent out - or does anyone know of any additional links/companies?

Greatly appreciated - thank you!

To swag or not to swag?

Hello...hopefully this question belongs here...
Has anyone set-up a 'swag' site...tee shirts and the like? I've been thinking about this for awhile and I'm thinking shopify and to a hire a FIVERR techie to do it.

With tis the season upon us, I'm thinking now is the time.

Thoughts, Opinions, Help?!?
Thank you❣
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#showyourwork New Course Launched!

Hi Friends!

I have launched my Visualization for Dreamers micro-course and I am currently working on promoting it (everywhere) - here is the sales page that I created and some info on it.


And just because I like to through positive energy out to the universe - I have attached my Daily Affirmations Tutorial for anyone who is interested.

This tutorial is the bonus module that I included in my course.

Thank you for the feedback and have a fabulous day!

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Hello I'm Heidi!

Hello, my name is Heidi and I am happy to be here!

I virtually met Jay this past Monday where he provided an hour of AMAZING free training live on Insta - I was excited with the information that he had to share and it was an easy decision for me to purchase this course.

I have been a blogger for over a 1.5, I wrote an eBook in January Your Inner Light & Christmas Love and a few months ago was inspired to create a 1:1 coaching program and a course based on the same topic - I offer 1:1 Coaching helping people seek inner peace by centering their mind & body.

The 1:1 coaching program is available now and I will begin putting the DIY course together beginning next week.

I literally just launched this week so, as of this moment, my only struggle is panning through and getting through all of the free and paid courses and eBooks so that I can make folks aware of this amazing and important program.

Glad to be here to receive and give advice and feedback!

Happy Thursday, Friends!

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