John Snow

I help people solve their tree concerns virtually.
I am a Board Certified Master Arborist with 26 + years experience working with trees and solving problems for homeowners, property managers and commercial sites.


I've been talking with a prospect for about a week about several different projects.  She is the regional manager for a large builder and manages several communities. 

She just pulled the trigger and signed off on a quote for a diagnostic project in Daytona.  Sent her a formal proposal and W9 (Thanks for the proposal template  Jay Clouse (he/him)  ), got a signed copy back!

Super excited.  This is the largest consulting gig so far (not huge though) but involves some technical work and sending samples to a lab (super cool).  Plus I spoke with the main man at the lab who is considered one of the foremost experts on palms in the world (another win).

Got my hotel booked!

Packed my bags!

Heading to Daytona for the weekend!!

CYA all next week!  Off to Margaritaville, I go (actually Latitude).
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Webinar software

Does anyone have any recommendations for a platform for producing webinars that would be effective for a not-for-profit?  They are currently using Zoom for events, but they would prefer to offer more Evergreen prerecorded stuff in the future.
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My wins

Just got back home from 3 consulting gigs over the weekend.  Now to begin writing the reports.  LOL.

Got an email from the copyright office saying I needed to update my password.  I had submitted some artwork a couple months ago so I checked on that and IT GOT APPROVED!  Yes, my first copyrighted materials.

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Business Credit Line

Hi everyone,

I've been freelancing for some time but only just very recently getting setup "officially".  Just got my LLC setup and EIN.  Yesterday, got a business bank account!!!

I'm wondering if it would be advantageous to apply for a business credit card or credit line?  Should that be through a traditional vendor or something I should apply through my bank?  I can see advantages to both.  Of course, this assumes good credit card management and such (Guess that trip to Cancun is off 😢)

While, I don't feel it is super necessary at this time.  I could see having a business credit card being useful at some point for various purchases.  

Any thoughts on where to start?
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Survey or No?

Hi everyone, I ran into a bit of a challenge.  Just to get this out in front, I tend to be very introverted and not big on waving my own flag (I realize this is a problem that holds me back).

So, completed project for client.  Going in and throughout project client seemed pretty excited and everything.   Was planning on asking for a google review when I did my follow up call.  

At the follow up call, client said he was happy with everything, understood everything and could move forward with the rest of his project.  Got that kind of hmmm, something not quite right with this one.  They usually are kind of super excited with my reports.  

Debating on sending out a survey asking for a short review.  I know that's kind of a cop out rather than just calling the dude and going for the kill.  Any advice?  How would you format the survey?  Questions to ask?  


Showing My Work


This is one area of the work that I do.  I perform virtual Tree Assessments for clients.  The beauty of this is that I am able to expand my geographic reach to pretty much anything east of the Rockies.  

Any feedback would be appreciated.
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Positioning: Independent professional vs traditional companies

Hi all,

I have an interesting question which I am looking to develop a short answer/solution for that can be marketed.  In my industry (Tree Care) typically a person looking to have some work done calls a company, a sales rep comes out, gives some advice and tries to sell the work.

As I expand my freelance consulting business, one challenge is getting paid for my services which some would say they are getting for free from a Sales Rep.

To elaborate, my services are much more detailed than what one would get from a sales rep.  Not to mention, the huge variation in knowledge between sales reps and myself (26 yrs experience - one of under 1000 experts worldwide).  That stuff I can market but what I really want to do is come up with something that tells people quickly why they should hire an independent Arborist to inspect and evaluate their trees rather than go the free route.  Yes, you do get what you pay for!

Any thoughts or suggestions?



Project Management Tools

I'm curious what everyone is using as a project management tool.  I've been using AYOA for about a year and like it for the most part although I heard about ClickUp recently and am checking it out.  Any thoughts on whether to stay with AYOA or move over to ClickUp?  Other than $$$.  Thanks!


Hi everyone!  I'm the real John Snow.  Actually never watched that show but its my real name.  Did you know that John Snow was also a secretary of the treasury?  Check out that dollar bill in your pocket, it could be mine.  

I'm a Board Certified Master Arborist which means I know a few things about trees.  There are about 907 Master Arborist's worldwide. 

I took a job right before the pandemic doing more strictly consulting type of work. I've done many odd consulting jobs over the years and have always wanted to get more into this space.  The current job is going well although there are some concerns - lack of clients.  In the meantime, I've still continued to consult on the side but thought its time to consider ramping that up!

My goal is to perform 50% or more of my work virtually.  Yes, virtually.  I've begun laying the framework for a virtual assessment for people's trees.  Basically, they take a video of their trees and send it to me.  I then watch it, assess the tree's and make recommendations based on it.  You would be very surprised at how well this works.  I've gotten a few rave reviews!

Anyhow, my site will be coming up soon and once live, I will post it here!

Thanks and I look forward to connecting with you!
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