Elizabeth Gower

Children Positive Stories
Hello everyone! I am a creative general fiction/action Christian fiction children stories writer/nonfiction memoirs/ghostwriter. Also enjoy planning and organizing with beginning writing soft skill stories. I love collecting books, going to classes
1. What brought you here?

I have always wondered what LinkedIn social media website platform was all about, but not much time to find out, Then a couple of weeks ago I met up with Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels who taught me about LinkedIn, which while I am browsing on LinkedIn I am finding more people in my niche and there you were. Nice to meet you, Jay Clouse and because you inspired me so much I had to check out your profile and then onto your websites, join your Facebook group and now Freelancing School. Wow, I think I have been looking for this, for a long time.

2. What kind of work do you do?

I have been disabled for awhile now in my lower back, so I have taken up writing and have been studying different forms to see where I am able to provide a service to others. I excel in stories, being positive or teaching something, but horrible in copywriting of persuasion. I also love to write memoirs of my past and ghostwriting for others. Plus another skill, a planner,Β  I amΒ  researching to see if planning is a skill on it's own or if it is a skill that has to be apart of another set of skills for a job. I am trying to launch a writing business with planning on the side with set income coming in.Β 

3. What is the biggest challenge you're facing right now?

I am trying to get my writing business online financially in the smartest way possible due to being on a fixed income that is really too low to start a business costing more than $50.00 a month, to get it going and start making a profit to pay for itself.Β  Then finding clients for the skills I offer that will pay. I am known for a lot of volunteer work, this is how I learn, but I also need to support myself and moving from volunteer to pay can be a challenge in itself.

Β 4. Where can we follow you online? (blog, social, etc...)

Social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,Β  LinkedIn, my email all found in my profile

5. BONUS: What is one of your favorite things on the internet?

Oh, my, a favorite? Oh dear, now I have been put on the spot. Hmm.. Well, a little about me...I like everything, well almost everything, but to find me you will see me off with my Shiny Objects that catch my eye when I am trying so hard to work on my writing. I love virtual summits, podcasts, pdf downloadable books, school with classes, challenges on Facebook and all the wonderful people in email, their websites too.Β  My sisters are collectors even as I, they collected purses or dolls or shoes, but I collect courses and books. I love to learn, I just wish everyday had 100 hours and not 24. :)

Welcome aboard,Β Elizabeth Gower! There are a lot of writers here, and we all do the thing we do in a slightly different way. I ghostwrite articles, position papers, industry reports, tactical guides, and case studies for consultants and professional services executives.Β Sargi Pragada does a lot of writing in the parenting niche.Β Leah Sobon writes guest posts on a host of topics she really cares about.Β Alex Bell is a copywriter who built his business on Upwork.Β Tom Peracchio is a technology guru who likes to write.Β Cynthia Jones is starting out on her journey as a freelance writer.Β Mary DeRosa HughesΒ writes screenplays and other stuff! I"m sure I'm leaving a few folks out, but know that you're in good company!
Leah Sobon replied
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WelcomeΒ Elizabeth Gower! Happy to chat with you about getting/being successful on Upwork!

Basically unlimited leads there, to get started you'll need to buy "connects" (get about 30 proposals worth in their $15/month plan.

A few years in, I now get about one "invitation to interview" a day (people ask me to apply to their jobs, I don't have to search the public boards), those don't cost me anything to apply on the rare occasion I want to take on something new (have plenty of high paying, long term clients to meet my needs - all through UW!) :)