Christy Van Deman

Graphic Designer
Hello everyone. I am a graphic designer with mostly agency experience within the print and packaging sector in Food/Beverage, Wine/Spirits, Tech, and Education. I'm currently expanding my skills into interactive and motion graphics.

What am I struggling with?

Hi, in response to this post prompt from Jay, I would like to honestly share that I am struggling with a bit of overwhelm at the enormity of starting Freelance, along with all of my internal goblins wanting to squash my self esteem and notions that I can succeed at all.

I working on wading through this, as I often do, with the hope that clarity will come with persistent effort and movement forward, as it has in the past during some of such times.

Is it me, or does anyone else deal with this kind of anxiety and uncertainty and if so how do you deal with it? If not, how is it that you achieve that certain and confident feeling?
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