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What no new tunes here???

I love music, didn't come to Linkedin to be a virtual DJ, but it's turning out that way.      Follow #FridayMorningJam on Linkedin for future posts. 😎 😍 🎵

This Friday's tune..      So hold on loosely, But don't let go, If you cling too tightly, You're gonna lose control.

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Music Is a Universal Language

Friday morning I woke up too early and had too much energy, and had the urge to wake everyone up. I came up with the idea for a Friday morning jam on Linkedin, see link below. I was surprised to see how many people like Chicago (the band, I'm not sure about the city.)

On a side rant, part of the theme for Friday morning was who needs Clubhouse when you can create you own party anywhere. My point, interaction should be platform independent. 

I know 20+ reactions is not exactly going viral, but it was an interesting experiment.  I love music, it's always been a part of my life. My experiment has given me some ideas for the future.

I'll shut up now, click on the link below and jam to some Chicago...
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