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Hopefully this is the right section for this post.

Here's a post that just came my way:Β

I've done a lot of writing over the years as a guest columnist or as a subject matter expert in a tech area.Β  Notice I said guest columnist, I started freelancing before the internet went commercial, when the output device was a newspaper.

It's funny as I reflect and think about how I tried to explain this concept of the internet starting around 1990 writing for regional business journals.

You could recycle material easier back then because different outlets in different markets you had less worry about the same story overlapping.Β  You could use the same core information and customize it for the regional journal by adding some local color.

So as I read this attached article, I'm trying to adjust and adapt to the online world of 2020, and come up with my own sales pitch.Β  I guess what best fits me is journal article writer?

Below are some terms in offers made to me, and my thoughts. Please let me know yours.

- 100% unique non-plagiarized

Maybe I'm too cynical, but if I'm teaching you technology there is a lot of basic standard terms that are part of the story. How can any technical article be 100% unique?

I bring up the point of non-plagiarized because I was once accused of plagiarism because my submission was found to have a sentence in it very similar to another article I had written. Does that mean my analogies can not be used in different articles on similar topics. That's sort of the point above, is there such a thing as 100% unique?

- They own the content.

Similar issue as above, trying to sort out defining what I am pitching. If the terms and conditions state they own the content, how does that limit me from writing similar articles on the same topic.

Also, if I am developing myself as a subject matter expert, I want the byline for that bit of shameless self promotion.

Your thoughts? Β 

Do you have any standard sales pitch with typical terms and conditions that you hold fast to?

Looking forward to any ideas and feedback.
Anyone else want to chime in on this (Jay Clouse?) feel free. Just wanted to add an "ah-huh" moment as I was pondering today the issues I raised in this question.

I'm not a writer that loves technology, I'm a geek that loves to write.

Not meaning to offend anyone, but perspective does matter. I've taken many classes and courses over the years, and I've taught many classes and courses over the years.Β  As a student, I really appreciated teachers who related first hand examples of the subject matter.Β  Likewise, as an instructor, I received many positive remarks about my passion for the topics I taught.

So is it too arrogant to say, I'm not a writer that loves technology, I'm a geek that loves to write.
I don't think that's arrogant at all. You're a technology geek first. You happen to love to write. That matters.

I'm a writer first (and a bit of a technophobe). We'd approach the same thing from a very different perspective, so I think it's a great differentiator.
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What brought me here?

My many websites have been inactive for the past two years. Looking for the motivation and inspiration to get my online activities back in gear. This community may be exactly what I need!

What kind of work do you do?

Putting complex topics into simple terms: A life long evolution from trainer in the Army National Guard, to community college instructor, and now as a web developer and freelance writer.

I began actively speaking and writing on both business and technology issues since before the internet was widely used by small business. Exploring computer telecommunications and its role in business lead to my first article for a regional business journal on how the average business could use Computerized Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) as a tool for customer service. That was in 1990, five years before the internet went commercial.

What is the biggest challenge you're facing right now?

Staying focused on the tasks to get back online.

Where can we follow you online?

Right now I am the most active on Linkedin.Β  Really need to get back in the groove of participating in other forms of social media.

What is one of your favorite things on the internet?

Communities like this, where people can share thoughts and ideas, and not be thought of as crazy.

this is AWESOME, Tom! What a cool website and repo of content! I could lose days on this website πŸ˜‚Β 

How does a geek like you think about starting from scratch? Custom build? Are you impressed with tools like Webflow?
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You asked --> Are you impressed with tools like Webflow?

My short answer to that question, no, not really.

Here's my generic answer to most technology questions --> There's no one size fits all answer.Β  There are many tools available, you need to find the best tool suited for the tasks you need to perform.Β  That's what slowing me down right now is I took the time to test too many tools rather than just going with one.

Hopefully you wouldn't use a chainsaw to slice butter, or a pocket knife to chop down a cherry tree. The key is understanding exactly what you need, and what are the best tools for the need.

Part of my mindset and plan of sites in the works is to create a site that shows some of my reviews of content management systems, and what I like and don't like about each of them.

Hi Tom I am Jason. It’s a pleasure to be in a group with so much greatness. You are all amazing people . God bless you.