Jack Everly

Freelance Writer
'Sup! Currently traveling the world with my awesome wife and 15-year old daughter, spending all my free time writing one incredible book. Thankful for this life!

Our new Instagram..um..thingy(?)

My daughter & I just started to put work out there on Instagram: she draws the pictures and I write a funny text. Check it out!😀

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My daughter and I are starting an Instagram...window??? where we draw pictures and write stories of either our own animals or people's pets, whichever pays more..😉  I'm a little..uh..new to the Insta-world and need help getting off the ground (maybe I should just ask the 15-year-old daughter-a "book" she posted there has over 50,000 reads..)
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Yo peeps! Here I am again, back for more! Let's get this pahty stahted!

What am I suppose to put here?

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No anchovies, please.

Hi everyone! Am not interested in selling anything here-I only want to be  part of a community of people interested in doing something positive for everyone and everything. I once got my head stuck in a chair. who else had a great story to tell? 8^)
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