Scott Perry

Chief Difference-Maker, Creative on Purpose
I am a coach and community guide at Creative on Purpose and on the head coach team at Akimbo Workshops. I'm also a husband and father, go for a cemetery run every day, and quote Marcus Aurelius more often than I should.
Hey, gang. Excited to join you here. I am a full-time freelancer serving others as a Difference-Maker Coach and community organizer at I'm also under contract as a head coach at Akimbo Workshops.

I'm here to learn how to amplify and leverage my current success, level up where I need help by learning from you all, and contribute what I can when I can here.
Wow, such a pleasure to have you here Scott Perry ! I can learn a lot from YOU on creativity, community building, and more. Super excited for you to join us!
Love what you have built and the difference you’re making,Β ο»Ώ Jay Clouse ο»Ώ. A privilege to participate and contribute here!