Moshe Sakal

Mental Health & Peer Coach
Hello everyone, it's great to meet you and to be here. My name is Moshe and I'm a mental health and peer coach helping people move from mental crisis to mental wellness. I love good food, languages, dancing, and I'm curious about the world.
Hey! It's nice to meet everyone.

My name is Moshe and I heard about this community through Jay's blog post about Circle. Glad I came across it.

I'm a Mental Health Coach helping people move from mental crisis to mental wellness. I'm also a Peer Coach and work with mental health organizations to develop peer support programs and train peer support workers.

I got into this field after going through a crisis of my own about 10 years ago. Once I was open to getting help and medical care, things turned around. I was then lucky to meet a spiritual counselor and gifted psychic who helped me find my way beyond that. I was going through psychosis at the time and with her abilities she helped me let go of the fantasy I was holding on to. I also got into peer work early on in my recovery, and have been working with mental health hospitals and organizations ever since. Now I feel great. The happiest and healthiest I've ever been.

In short, I learned a lot over the years, and share what I've learned so others can feel better about themselves too. I'm really thankful to be doing what I do. Its become a calling.

Right now I'm building my coaching business called The Mind Within. I'm in the early stages of building content and community, which is why I'm here. I'd like to learn the systems, tools and resources that I can use to create a great online experience for people through my courses and the community I build.

My give? I'd like to share any resources that I come across and offer people feedback when they want it, or share anything else I know. 

I'm curious to see where things go. Glad I made the leap to introduce myself, and thank you again  Jay Clouse  for making this space so inviting. 

Good luck on your projects everyone!
I'm so glad we've crossed paths,  Moshe Sakal ! In our brief interaction on the last community call I could tell you're an incredibly calm, thoughtful guy. Sounds like you've had an incredible life experience.

I'd actually love to serve more coaches within this community too – after all, the sales, marketing, and business model is largely the same.
Thanks so much  Jay Clouse , me too. It's great to connect and have the support of this community. I'm just starting out here and finding it very welcoming and helpful already. 

Yeah, it totally is and I think it's a great idea. If I come across other coaches who are in a similar place I'll refer them here. So, that's good to know. Really looking forward to things. Thanks again and all the best!