nic justice

Documentary Filmmaker
Documentary style filmmaker working with production companies & amazing organizations to create films that get watched over and over again.
Hey everyone.ย 
I usually try to skip over the word freelancer and jump into โ€œbusiness ownerโ€ but I can tell you all are my people.ย 

I have been running a video production for nearly a decade. Usually learning things the hard way and having some success also. I just recently started looking around and am feeling like others are passing me by. Iโ€™m not overly competitive person but it made me reflect and realized I need to grow. Bigger dreams than survival. Better creative than โ€œthe client is happyโ€.ย is where you can find my work with schools and other community groups. ย I feel like the fastest and cheapest way to fix the work is with some good educated people. People who like to learn those that solve problems. I want to use my abilities to amplify their work and reach.ย 
Welcome,ย ๏ปฟ nic justice ๏ปฟ! So great to have you here! I agree..."freelancer" definitely is a loaded word that some folks don't love. And that's cool!

Just finished watching your reel and loved it! What a cool set of projects it looks like you've been involved in.

Glad you're here, and looking forward to helping you grow. When you think about the growth you're looking for, what does that look like?
Hello, I know the feeling. I worked for a state agency for 15 years doing public-facing health and education work. It does feel like you are standing still as far as your own industry is concerned. At the same time, you reach so many people with stories that need a voice. The feeling you could do so much more but don't know what needs your unleashed creativity.ย