Tess Gouws (she / hers)

Jane of many trades, master of some. Still trying to figure this whole freelancing biz out since losing 'normal' employment in 2021. I am great at spotting opportunities, I am an excellent project manager, and I love to design solutions (all kinds).

Show your work - Austin Kleon

If there has been a single book that has been instrumental in me totally (totally!) changing careers and getting out of my cubicle-esque day to to start flexing my creative muscles - This book is IT.

No matter you industry, your skill set your passions or what you think is holding you back - This book is worth reading, keeping, and reading again when you start feeling a slump in your motivation and energy.Β 

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Jane of all trades, master of some (trying to figure it all out)

Hello everyone! Delighted to be here.
Where to start? The last few years have offered a lot of opportunity for growth, and learning a lot of skills. As a result there are a lot of things I can do, a lot of things that I am really good at, but until recently I've never really had the opportunity to choose 'the thing(s)' that I want to do. As a result, I am trying to be a one-woman army, doing some design work (digital, CX, UX) along with coaching & facilitation work, while building on my skill set and experimenting with new ideas.

Eager to learn from and share with the other magic-workers in this community.

Oh, and I joined this community thanks to Jay's interesting and catchy emails 😁

And PPS - From Johannesburg, South Africa πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦
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