Jeremy Enns

Podcast Strategist & Marketing Expert,
I run a podcast agency called Counterweight Creative where I help health and wellness experts become the go-to authorities in their niche. I travel full time, love all things outdoors, and dream of doing an Alaska-Patagonia motorcycle tour.

Hi everyone! Excited to be here!

Hey there everyone! My name is Jeremy Enns, I'm from Vancouver, Canada and I run a podcast production agency called Counterweight Creative where my team works with health and wellness experts to help them become the authorities in their niche.

I started out as a freelance sound engineer/podcast editor and have built up to a team of 11 contractors plus myself over the past 4 years.

I've recently launched my first online program, Podcast Marketing Academy, which is currently in beta. I'm getting incredible feedback so far and I'm really excited to open it again in September/October and continue to refine and improve it.

The big challenge I'm currently facing work-wise is making the transition to a much higher level of clientele. Our current average client monthly value is around $850/mo and within a year I'd like to have it at over $2000/mo per client.

We already have some clients at or above that price point, but I'd love to phase out older clients and bring on more new ones at this higher level.Β 

Along with that transition, I'm looking to transition my team from a large number of contractors to a small number of employees, also over the next year.Β 

Outside of work, I've traveled full time for the past 4 years (the past two withΒ  Kelly Claus ), I love all things outdoors, and am absolutely religious about getting in my 10K steps per day...

Happy to nerd out over podcasting, systems, cycle touring and team culture any time. Please reach out and say hello!

Oh, and this is one of my favourite things on the internet.
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