Cecily Brown

Freelance Photographer, Designer, & Crafts Enthusiast
Hello! I'm a Photographer and creative living and working in Los Angeles. I love to photograph portraits, products, and events, and collaborate with others. I'm looking to grow my Photography side hustle into a full-time business this year!

ISO Social Media Copywriter for Technical Marketing Firm

Hello Freelancers! 
A business consulting and marketing firm I've been producing social media videos for is looking for someone to take over writing social media captions for their projects and clients. Their clients are mainly technical engineering firms and optics companies, so the content will likely require a bit of technical research and understanding. 

Here's their website to get an idea of what services they offer: https://thebellsnetwork.com/

If interested, please DM me and I will connect you with their Content Director. 
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Show Your Work: Tips for Portfolio Photography - Virtual Workshop

Hey Freelancers!
I've been MIA the past few weeks as I have been really digging in and working on launching two upcoming events in September. These events are geared towards artists looking to elevate their portfolios now that almost everything is being viewed online, and good photos of your artwork are crucial! The first is the Show Your Work: Tips for Portfolio Photography workshop taking place on September 10th, from 10am-1pm.

I will be going over the best practices and tips for documenting artist portfolios, as well as showing in-depth lighting and shooting demonstrations. I will also be leading the group in a discussion surrounding the importance of showing your work, what challenges artists often face when doing so, and ways to empower your own photography practice as an extension of your artwork.

I would sincerely appreciate any shoutouts or shares if you think this workshop will resonate with you or anyone you know. Here is the information and sign up page for the workshop: https://cecilyabrownshop.squarespace.com/events/p/showyourworkshop

I will be announcing the second event early next week and will share here as well if you're interested. Have a great weekend! 
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Seeking Graphic Designer for Corporate Video Production Company

Hello All! 

A friend of mine is looking for a graphic designer to help create a new logo for a Corporate Video Production company. They are looking for something modern, fun, and creative. "We want our image to show that we're professionals with a creative, fun streak who won't just give you a standard corporate video." 

If you'd like me to throw your name in the ring comment with your portfolio and contact info! 

Thanks :)
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Virtual Workshops: Can I get some Do's & Don't's from the group?

Hey Friends! 

It was lovely to meet some of you the other day via zoom! 

I believe I briefly mentioned that I am in the process of re-working my in-person "Photography For Artists" workshop in order to offer it virtually to a community of textile artists. The original workshop was very simple - mostly me and a slideshow explaining basic photography principles and translating them into applicable practices for artists shooting their work on their phones. After the presentation, we did a few demos. 

This is going to serve as a great foundation for me to hopefully get some new clients and shoots booked, and I'll be offering virtual one-on-one studio hours and portfolio mini sessions for purchase after the workshop as well. In short, I'm looking to nail the workshop and create some additional opportunities for revenue.

Being that this virtual space is our new normal and Zoom fatigue is a REAL thing, I would LOVE to hear some feedback from you guys about any online workshops or classes that you've taken recently.

Any general advice, pet peeves, best practices, tech/AV concerns, things that stuck out to you, or ideas for engaging a virtual group while presenting and performing demos would be greatly appreciated!
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Hi, I'm Cecily!

1. What brought you here?
After losing my full-time photography job at a portrait studio, I am finally jumping into growing my own photography business into a full-time endeavor. 

2. What kind of work do you do?
I shoot portraits, products, lifestyle, and events. I work with a lot of local artists and really enjoy collaborating with creatives to showcase their artwork/products/business etc. I also love to create fun still life images and play around with different lighting techniques. 

3. What is the biggest challenge you're facing right now?
Navigating the logistics of starting and operating a business! Time management and financial goals are probably the largest challenges that I regularly face. I am excited to learn and create new systems that will help me be successful. 

4. Where can we follow you online? (blog, social, etc...)
Instagram and my website

5. BONUS: What is one of your favorite things on the internet?
It's a really tough call between pretty much any baby video (I know, low bar, but my last job was photographing babies and kids - I miss them!) and discovering new podcasts! 
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