Kidjie (She/Her)

Actress, Writer, Student to Life
Hello! I am an actress, writer, mental health advocate, Black feminist, and constantly trying to learn and expand.
ο»Ώ Robyn-Lee ο»ΏΒ Thanks for your feedback! I did slight adjustments to the titles. I Changed the So Who is She? to Who is She now? I want to leave the audience with a sense of who they would be working with now as opposed to saying so much of my past but no hint of present me.
Thanks for recording the group calls! I watched them both and it was very helpful to hear where people were at and challenges they are having! I've decided to do a home/landing page, About me and bio. About Me will be in 1st people while Bio will be in 3rd person. Nothing is public yet. I have a 1st draft of my about me if anyone would be open to giving feedback. No pressure just an opportunity. Thanks!
I think I'll try first person. I also think About me page and bio page might be 2 different things.Β ο»Ώ Jay Clouse (he/him) ο»Ώ Side note: Are you going to record the 2 Zoom meetings?Β  I, unfortunately, cannot make it to the meeting times.Β 
1. I don't have a url yet because this is my first time putting together a website.
2. Things I've been thinking about:Β 
- When I look at other actor websites(my peers) their about me page is actually a bio. In their bio it's in 3rd person and only centered towards their acting career. I, however, plan to do multiple things such as begin writing blogs and eventually sell merch. (One step at a time!) With that being said, i want my website to be a landing page and as I build I add tabs that will redirect you to what your looking for. So I say all this to say, I'm trying to balance professionalism, showing creativity, personality and multiplicity.
I'm in. Part of me wants to keep it short and simple because I don't think people will read it. Thoughts?