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I believe that every organization should have a vibrant, flexible, living website that they can operate and update themselves. I help small organizations plan and strategize their website and owned media.

The Formula - the universal laws of success by Albert-László Barabási

Have you wondered why some people succeed while very similar people fail? Have you ever felt like the advice you’re hearing isn’t quite right? That the advice doesn't align with what you see happening?

This is the book for you:

The 5 laws:
  1. Performance drives success, but when performance isn’t measurable, the network drives success.
    The best is the best and is preferred for being the best. If that isn’t clear, it’s about who you know and who knows you. “Isn’t clear” could be that the values are close or aren’t quantifiable.
  2. Performance is bounded. Success is unbounded.
    The quality difference between the top players is often negligible. But the winner gets a disproportional selection of the rewards.
  3. Previous success x fitness = future success
    “Previous success” means social proof like previous sales. “Fitness” means the quality of your offering. If your product is good, some sales will get you more sales and more sales can get you a lot of sales.
  4. Team success requires diversity. But a single person gets the credit.
    The rule isn’t directly applicable to us since we’re mostly solo operatives. But the law states that the best teams have diversity but also have a single strong leader. The leader must promote cross-communication and keep the group focused.
  5. With persistence, success can come at any time.
    It looks like the most success happens early. The truth is most are more prolific early on. Any given attempt is just as likely to succeed as any other. Early on, you’re simply rolling the dice more often. But any roll could win.

If Susi and the Banshees did Vaudeville

I don't love this version. The version on Spotify is better.

You'll probably like it if you like torch singers or modern swing.

Book Yourself Solid webinar - avail until end of Aug 2020


  1. This can serve as a BYS crash course if you are curious about it.
  2. It's aimed at coaches (which shares a lot of ideas with consultants).
  3. Has a nice, quick networking system. Not revolutionary, but solid if this is a hole in your system.
  4. Has a great (but short) bit about Intellectual Property. We've discussed that by niching waaaaay down, you can then stop promoting yourself and promote the niche (or category) instead. This is a step further than that. If you create a signature, branded, named process or service, you've created a space where competition is legally prevented from competing with you. And it can function as a category functionally. You can spend all your time talking about *The Yada System* instead of saying, "Look at me."

Ends in pitch for their coaching program. Honestly, I'd buy it if I had the available funds. But I'm a BYS/Matthew Kimberly fan.
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Leo Moracchioli is killing me (think heavy metal PMJ)

I lost a big chunk of yesterday bouncing through his playlist.

Tidal pools > blue oceans
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