Oliver Bock

WordPress Webdesigner, Digital Nomad
Hey everyone! I'm a WordPress Webdesigner creating professionell websites with spice. https://webdesigner-bock.de
Hi fellow Freelancers! :)
I'm working on refining the introduction for my personal brand (as shown by Jay here). Mostly it's about the wording. Can you please tell me your favorite version? (maybe also a remix out of them?)

  1. I help accountants and doctors to achieve the perfect first impression.
  2. ย I help accountants and doctors to make the perfect digital impression.
  3. I help accountants and doctors to make an impression digitally.

Greetings from Germany, Munich atm :)

I like "make" more than "achieve". But I like "first" impression better than "digital". "Digital" seems unclear in a bad way. "First impression" also seems unclear but in a way that would make someone ask for more information.
Oliver Bock replied
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Hey Jay! Thank you! That's even more concise โ€“ I like it! :)ย 
And exactly, I build professionell and user-friendly websites for their practices.ย 
There is much businesses with websites which look like pre-2000 web, and as the first impression is usually nowdays online, that matters. ย 
Only thing I noticed: Due to the current situation accountants have more than enough work atm. ย  So a professionell website is more of a bonus for them, but not priority number 1.
Jay Clouse (he/him) replied
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Hey Oly! These are great! What about:

  1. I help accountants and doctors make an impression online.

Can you give me a little bit deeper detail into how you do this? Is this about helping them build a website for their practice?

Hi Jay, hi everyone!ย 
I'm Oliver, a German Webdesigner building professionell websites with spice. Your podcast with Josh Hall stood out to me, because it's so relevant with pricing and confidence at the moment. Thank you very much for this, and for creating this amazing community.
I love the process of creating new websites with Wordpress+Elementor, and also the feedback from clients after a launch โ€“ it gives so much joy. Though client acquisition is still tedious at the moment. At the moment I rely heavily on cold calling pre-selected clients and inquire about their website plans. Only every 20th called person is a potential lead, and cold calling most of the time is a bit stressful to me.ย 
So for now I want to build more sustainable lead generation methods, e.g. through continuous posting and interactions on LinkedIn, Instagram or blog posts. It's still quite overwhelming to choose something and work on it for really long. Especially about what to create content โ€“ like whether more technical posts, posts about living as a digital nomad or posts for potential customers. Probably best would be to just get started with one that excites me and that I can keep up for longer.

I'm happy to connect with fellow freelancers, so here you can find me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oliver-bock/

Warm greetings from Porto, Portugal

Hallo Oliver!
Willkommen im Klub! Wie ist das Wetter in Portugal? Es ist knapp 20 grad hier in Sรผdfrankreich. Warte-should I be doing this in English? Oops. If you can find the time try and get to Marvao-I know it's out of the way but the Kastanienfest ist bald (if it isn't cancelled) and the city is gorgeous!
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Hallo Jack! Vielen Dank! Dann sind wir ja physisch sehr nah :)
Istย  angenehm hier mit 15 Grad und Sonnenschein. Spaziergรคnge gehen auch als Lebenselixier :)
Thank you for the tip with Marvao โ€“ I'd really enjoy to visit, but traveling for sightseeing is unfortunately more difficult atm. Next time! ย  When is your favorite time of the year to travel/live in Portugal?
Yes, I'm happy when I can get outside, sadly. Lockdown everywhere. My family and I are traveling the world right now and western Spain/eastern Portugal happened to be on our list. We go where the winds blow...8^)
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