I am a freelance photographer! I love the outdoors, and Starbucks, and shooting people places or thing!

Managing a Brand IG

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been absent for a while! The kids started school and it’s been kind of crazy and different with them gone all day! 

I am wondering how much to charge for managing an IG account for a brand company? The people that I had done those shoes for are asking for IG management from me. It tends to be a lot of work. I do not want undersell myself, but at the same time, I don’t want to make it seem completely unattainable. I don’t have a contract for things like this. I probably could figure that part out (although I am not entirely sure).

Thank you for anyone that has any ideas for me! 
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Children's Shoe Brand Photo's

I had been commissioned to do brand photos for a start-up children's shoe company in LA. They asked me to shoot the shoes in various positions for selling on their site, and kids wearing the shoes for instagram. The task seemed simple enough, but put me kind of in a rut with COVID and finding other children than my own.

Would love feedback on the lifestyle type of images of my kids wearing the shoes? Anything I may have missed? Or could have added to say these are playful and fun?

Thank you for any feedback!

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My Current Product Pictures

These are some product pictures I was commissioned to do for a start up company in LA. These have not been on the market yet. So please do not share 😉

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Freelance Photographer

My name is Heather and I am both a professional and more recently freelance photographer from the Northern Illinois region. 

Since the pandemic has started my professional business locally has taken a huge lose and essentially put me out of business. Thankfully I have been able sell some images commercially. It is however a very competitive and difficult to sell as there are so many photographers doing many of the same things. 

My goal someday would be to be a Canon Ambassador or shoot for start up companies.

That’s a little bit about me! 

Thank you for this platform!


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