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Freelance web developer/designer, digitalmarketer
Hey everyone I am a computer engineering student and a freelancer I provide services such as web design or development, SEO and digitalmarketing . I am a quick learner and looking for a great apportunity I want to become an entrepreneur.
Happy New year everyone πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³Β 
Too often in 2020 people asked why, I'm looking forward to a 2021 where people start asking, why not.
Hello everyone I hope everyone is doing great actually I need a suggestion I got an enquiry from a company they want me to run their email marketing campaigns . I'm in confusion which tool will be better mail chimp, convertkit or something else.Β 
Raahim, I highly recommend you take a deeper look at Mailchimp. Sign up for the free account and look at what all you can do. They don't fully list all the features you get. They just hit the bigger ones. For example, I love the factΒ  you can create a custom sub domain and setup landing pages on it through Mailchimp. They host it! No charge! You can 15 of them if you want. In my opinion, it's not just a free alternative, especially with some of their latest features.

I do like Convert Kit, but their free account limits too much. And it's only 1000 subscribers.

Best of luck with your decision. If you do go with MailChimp and you run into a snag, let me know. I'd be happy to help you out!
HeyΒ  Raahim Deshmukh ! How big is the list?

MailChimp is great if:
  • You want it to be free
  • You want to use a lot design elements

ConvertKit would be my pick if:
  • You want to build better sequences and segmentation
  • You want to use mostly plain text
  • Email is a huge part of the overall strategy

Overall, I think ConvertKit is a more robust platform for people who want to make email a very core part of their strategy; MailChimp has a lower learning curve and can make good looking email campaigns that are highly styled.
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Really depends on so many things – what type of company is it? Is this an eCommerce company? Is it a software company?Β 

Do they want you to be able to do anything in particular, etc? πŸ˜…
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Got my first client this week he wants me to redesign his wordpress site and improve his seo I finished my work and now he wants me to run his  Facebook ad campaign too 😊
That's fantastic, Raahim! Congrats! How did you land this client?
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Hello everyone I hope everyone is doing well I just want to share that I attended my first client's call last month I published my website and today I got a call we discussed the whole package I'm really happy I just want to share this with you guys now waiting for his final response fingers crossed for now πŸ€žπŸ˜‡
Hello everyone hope everyone is doing great actually I joined this community and freelancing recently raahimd.comΒ is my portfolio website I need some feedbacks about my website like design related or content related any other feedback.
Hey Raahim, congrats on getting the site live! My biggest feedback comes down to:

  • Make it easier for the visitor to know what type of work you do
  • Give the visitor a reason to believe you can do the work well
  • Help the visitor feel like they "know" you

I don't see any bit about who YOU are – and we hire people we think we'd like working with!

I thinkΒ  Nathan Minns does a great job with his website laying out what he does and how he can help you.

You can use that as a bit of a model!
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HeyΒ  Raahim Deshmukh ! Overall, nice site! I can see you put some work into it! If you'd like it, I can record a little video going over your site and what I would change if it was mine.

The biggest thing I would do is make it TOO Clear what you do. Often we start with something funny/clever/nice, and then hope that we're being clear enough. I suggest writing what you do EXACTLY, and in as few words as possible, and then toning it down from there and adding your voice.Β 

In my opinion, it's better if people know what I do and don't think I'm funny, than if they think I'm funny but have no idea what I do.
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Hello everyone my name is Raahim and I'm from India I am a student of computer engineering and a recently started freelancer. I'm really happy to join this community.
Welcome, Raahim! You're in the right place! What kind of freelancing are you doing to start?
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