Musa Mhawu

Photographer, Writer, Voice Actor & Artist
Hey everyone! I'm a newbie to copywriting and voiceover artist. I love all things advertising.

Hello from Wakanda

Hello everyone. I am a newbie to the world of freelancing... the 'Wakanda' I used is merely how I choose to see this adventure I'm stepping into, plus, the fact that I live down the road from the king of the Xhosa clan. That is in Willowvale, Eastern Cape, South Africa.
My days are spent in a pharmacy... I manage a medicine store and if I can make a person or two laugh, I consider myself a healthcare hero. My passion, though, is in all things advertising. I am a marketing graduate, trained voice-over artist, sketch artist, a photographer growing in the craft, and a rookie copywriter.
I hope to grow more courage and skill to actually make a living out of all or at least two of these things I know how to do.
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