Cynthia Jones

Freelancing explorer!
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I'm exploring freelancing as a side hustle to supplement my full-time ODOT career as a project manager. Phase 1 is as a freelancer on Upwork. I'll consider other options once I get more experience.

Best short podcasts

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I struggle to listen to podcasts that are 20 minutes or longer. Could you recommend excellent podcasts that are 10-15 minutes? or that have chapters that I could jump to?
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Website plan

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I need website help:
  • I have a new domain effective today but haven't chosen hosting. 
  • I have two go forward sites
    • want a recommendation for which hosting platform to use
    • want simple designs for both
    • want them up and running
  • I'd like someone to release four sites I no longer want or need.
P.S. I've recognized confusion with my few domains and their hosting companies, which mean I haven't put up much/any content since 2016. 
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Focusmate is a web based pairing of people for 50 minute focused work sessions. The sessions begin on each quarter hour so jump in whenever you need accountability.
This has been a huge help since I was sent home to work in March 2020. It's $5/month if you use more than 3 sessions per week. My best days have four or more sessions with folks from all around the world.

YNAB = You Need A Budget

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I've been using YNAB since 2010. It is a different way of thinking about money. There's a great app with links to accounts, but the real magic is in the four rules around money. The goal is to "budget" which really is just decide what's important to you and put the money you have towards those priorities. You only budget money you have, not design a theoretical budget for a "normal" month - as those never ever happen.
I could talk about YNAB and budgeting for HOURS. Let me know if you want to banter on it. It's very different from Mint and Personal Capital due to the focus on the four rules, not on aggregating and reporting.
They have free workshops most days, engaging art (like Creative Elements) and a YouTube channel.
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Types of writing

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I am beginning as a freelancer within the writing arena, specifically within Upwork for now. As I'm creating my profile I'm uncertain of the types of writing-related work. I've spent 30 years in banking, finance, and research, but not in the writing profession.

My sense of writing types was limited to genres (technical, novel, biography, etc.). I feel quite insecure about writing since I'm not used to that vocabulary about writing. The best listing that I've seen is within the following post

As I start something new I crave a mental model, so I'm working on that now.  Next week I'm taking Leah's Beta course; I'm sure I'll learn a lot there. Here's the link to consider it  

I'd appreciate any reference materials, encouragement or guidance on the roles and flow of writing.
Thank you,
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Kristine in the tax workshop recommended both Chase and Relay. As I tried to signup for Relay tonight it told me it's invitation only. 
Does anyone have an invitation to share for Relay (if that's how it works)? Or recommend another no interest, no fee, no/low balance requirement business checking account? 
I'd appreciate your suggestions.

Cynthia - the explorer

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  1. What brought you here?
    • I have been following Jay since meeting him at a Hackathon he put on in 2018
    • I joined Freelancing School one year ago to explore side hustles
  2. What kind of work do you do?
    • I am a project manager at ODOT in Smart Mobility, connected and automated vehicles. I used to manage the state's research program in transportation research.
    • Prior to that, I was underwriting with a bank then in financial analysis with L Brands.
  3. What is the biggest challenge you're facing right now?
    • My current challenge is lack of focus - seeing all of the potential and not having committed.
  4. Where can we follow you online? (blog, social, etc...)
  5. BONUS: What is one of your favorite things on the internet?
    • for me to focus at work
    • MOOCs for online education
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