Jenni Lawlor

Copywriter • Content Creator • Floral Designer • Wedding Stylist
Hello gang! I'm a freelance content creator & wedding stylist based in Dublin, Ireland. I’m a huge music fan and following 8 yrs of working in the music events industry, I decided to spread my creative wings. So looking forward to connecting. Sláinte

Hello from Dublin, Ireland ♥

Hello everyone, 

I'm Jenni & it's so lovely to be part of this community. 

I worked in the live music industry for over 8 years, up until December 2019. At that time I felt stuck in a rut and wanted to embark on a new adventure. My mission was to start 2020, a new decade, with a blank canvas and to tap into my creative flare some more. 

I dived into floristry training at the beginning of 2020 and graduated in March which was when I set up my business 'Bombenni', specializing in bespoke floral designs & wedding styling. A couple of weeks later, boom - Covid hit! (My timing is perfect, I know!) 🙈

Last year was a struggle, to say the least, but I have learnt so much & with that has come great growth. I have also learnt to trust the journey I am on. I now offer seasonal floral designs. I have a couple of micro weddings lined up this year. The bulk of my weddings are then for 2022 and 2023. 

With my previous work background, I have experience in many areas which I am now utilising through freelance work. I am still relatively new to the world of freelancing but it is so exciting meeting new people and working on a variety of projects where I can contribute with my skills in writing, design and marketing.

This is such a lovely space and I am so looking forward to chatting and learning from you all. Please feel free to reach out anytime to chat about work, life or the best Guinness spots in Dublin. 

Grá Mór,

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Morning kickstarter ⚡

Morning everyone ☀️

I'm a huge music fan and previously worked in the live music industry for almost 9 years. Music is always such a mood booster for me so I thought I would share one of my morning go-to playlists that always puts me on the right track.
I would love to know what songs or styles of music have a motivational impact on your mindset/day?

Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead, 

Dublin, Ire ☘️
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