Paula Holsberry

Asana Certified Pro | Process Improver
Hello! I am a lover of all things systems and am a process and workflow nerd. I spend my days consulting and training small teams in the work management tool, Asana. I love to help businesses increase their profits by reducing inefficiency.

Finished a book this weekend - would recommend

Hi all. I finished Outliers this weekend by Malcolm Gladwell. It's an older book that I have heard recommended, but just got around to reading it. It was super interesting to me in many aspects. I typically read a book that will move me to take specific action steps for my business, but this one just caused me to think a whole lot! My husband is reading it next because I kept reading him excerpts throughout and now he is curious. 😂

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New Blog post up: Three Ways to Reduce Work About Work

Hi all, I like writing blogs, but it seems that I don't get to do it as much as I'd like. So, when I get a blog completed and published, it's a big deal (to me). I hope this article is helpful to some of you that get frustrated with wasted time and energy in your work.
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How to start pitching to podcasts?

Question to those of you more experienced than me in marketing...

My coach and I discussed the need for me to pitch myself to podcasts to get in front of my ideal client. I know I could hire someone to do this for me, but have any of you done this for yourself? 

If so, where do you even start looking for the podcasts that would be most likely to need guests AND that need guests in my area of expertise. Honestly, I want to be strategic and not just cast a wide net hoping for some return on mediocre possibilities. I know I will need to start with smaller or newer podcasts, but beyond that, what advice do you have?
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I'm New Here - Saying Hello from Texas!

Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of such a great community! Can't wait to dive in deeper. 

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