Joamarie Garcia

HR & Operations Strategist
Hey Y'all! I'm a Small Business HR & Operations Strategist. I love exploring new places, hoop dance and music festivals.

Hi from VA!

Hi everyone!  I'm Joa!  I am a Small Business HR & Operations Consultant and my husband recommended that I check out Jay & the Freelancing School. 😀 Up until yesterday, my biggest challenge was opening up the conversation with my employer of 11 years about my business and how we can start to transition to my moving towards FT freelance work. 

Now, my biggest challenge is helping attract the right clients without being able to get the face-to-face time I need during COVID. I am working on a Managing for Retention course series that I think will help gain some traction but am hoping to create some great connections here at the Freelancing School and be able to learn and provide knowledge where I can. Looking forward to getting to know you!

You can find more information about what I do at

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