John E. Bredehoft

Marketing Writer, Bredemarket
I help companies craft the words to communicate with non-technical audiences. I like to travel, although that is limited in 2020.
Hey, it happens to the best of us. (As the person who once included the so-called word "qualtiy" in a process improvement document, I know the feeling.)

One potential way to avoid this issue is to create a list in your mailing list that includes all records for which the first name is blank. Those records can then be corrected.Β 
Yeah that's on me – Circle (the software behind this platform) has let me use that merge tag in other areas successfully, and it appears the Weekly Digest feature doesn't have that same ability.Β 

Sorry, all!
Inconsistencies within the same application can be maddening.
Whoops, "a list in your mailing list PROGRAM." I'm hitting all the high qualtiy goals today.
...but over the weekend, I discovered that Anchor users can embed songs from Spotify into their podcasts.

With some notable caveats, all of which are driven by Spotify's relationship with the record labels and artists.

The biggest one for me, which I discovered after recording my podcast episode with an included Spotify song, is that you have to be a Spotify Premium member to hear the entire song. Spotify Free members such as myself only hear a 30 second snippet.

More details here.

The episode that I created with this feature can be heard here.Β 
I'm actually really interested in this...mostly from the standpoint that I have almost zero certainty around what is allowed in podcasts in terms of using third party music. I'm guessing that Spotify is able to do it through the terms of being on the platform, but I hear some major shows with snippets of Top 40 songs and I wonderΒ howΒ they're able to do that.

Some shows will do a full dissection of a song and play it in its entirety! I wish I had more clarity around fair use etc.
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In early July, after 25 years of working for the same company (through several acquisitions), I became a "free agent" (i.e. was laid off) due to #covid19 lack of revenue.Β 

While still looking for full-time employment, I am also pursuing the parallel path of setting up a marketing and writing services sole proprietorship. As I continued to look for work, two firms asked me to complete short projects for them. When I got the third request, I figured I'd better pursue this parallel path.Β 

As I write this, I'm still waiting for the city business license and the county fictitious business name filing before turning on the website and other marketing.Β 
HeyΒ  John E. Bredehoft ! So glad to have you here. It sounds like you're making some really great lemonade with those lemons you were handed.

We have a great little group here – if you have any questions along the way, let 'em rip! We'll be happy to help. Excited for you to develop this parallel path!
John E. Bredehoft , I was also a COVID casualty and launched my own business. I had been thinking of doing it for ages, but was "still planning." (I could plan until I'm dead.) After I went through the five stages of grief, revisiting anger and depression a few times, I found that getting laid off was a gift. I am quite happy to be a business owner. I'd love to hear more about the work you are planning to do with your business. Perhaps we could connect on a call sometime?