Alister Shapley (asdesign.)

designer, screen printer,
I’m an independent designer who helps brands tell their story through visual language. I use a co-design process, spending more time on the early stages of brief and concept to make sure the outcome achieves the desired goal.

I have an idea for a book but I'm unsure about how to go about getting it published. Any advice would be welcomed.

The book I have in mind is a very niche photographic essay on hand-drawn signs seen around Harare, Zimbabwe (I've included one for reference). I currently have a nice collection of photographs that I feel give a flavour to the story. Should I go to the publisher with the idea and sample images or should I design the book then go to the publisher? What's the best way of contacting the publisher? Also is it worth self-publishing? I'd really appreciate people's insights, thoughts, experiences, general advice and comments if it's a good idea in the first place.

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Talking about dyslexia

Whilst drinking my morning coffee I read Sirin Kale’s long read article in the Guardian –“The battle over dyslexia” ( It was a really interesting article and well worth a read. I decided to try and explore my experience as a “dyslexic” to add to the discourse. You can read my blog post here –

I wanted to open up the conversation so please feel free to share any articles, blog posts, or interesting comments you have about dyslexia.
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t e x t u r mag small opportunity

Whilst doing a bit of job hunting this morning I came across this:

"t e x t u r mag is calling for text and visual submissions for its third issue, Art & Sustainability, which will be published in print and online in October 2020...We welcome submissions in various disciplines, media and formats: including essays, reviews, creative nonfiction, poetry, illustrations, drawings, photography, mixed media, etc. Applicants may submit either text, visual art, or combined text and visual art proposals. Experimental approaches to art writing are very welcome and encouraged. When making a submission of visual art, please take into consideration that images will be transferred into a bi-color risograph format for both print and online... Payment: Each selected submission will be compensated with a contributor’s fee of 100 euros and each contributor will receive 5 copies of the printed issue."

I hope someone finds this interesting.

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Art sale

Hello freelancing school community,

It's roughly been around 3 years since I started screen printing. To celebrate I've decided to have a SALE! All prints seen on my Esty shop are now 50% off from today! You can view the shop here: ( The sale will go on for a month. It'll be part of my artist support pledge (every £1000 made I'll buy a piece from another artist). I'm also on the lookout for galleries to get in touch with for future exhibitions so if anyone knows of any which may be interested in my work please let me know. Thanks!
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Hello freelancer community,

What brought you here?
Jay Clouse's 5-step freelancing newsletter.

What kind of work do you do?
Visual identity, print design and typography are my main skillsets that really drive my passion for design. I also do web design (none development side), infographics, illustration and anything visual for my clients to help their brand reach it's potential.

What is the biggest challenge you're facing right now?
I was freelancing part-time until a couple of months ago. I was made redundant from my part-time job and whereas freelancing was the goal eventually I wasn't expecting it so soon and in this climate. I'm embracing the challenge and if I can make it work during this period then hopefully it'll work out.

Where can we follow you online? (blog, social, etc...)
You can see my work in the following places:
website –
instagram –
twitter –

BONUS: What is one of your favorite things on the internet?
Typograph.her blog ( has some of the best collection and content for typography. I'm very much a typography geek.

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