Jerod Morris

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I help people build profitable online communities.
Hi there! Really excited to be here as a member of the Freelancing School community.

My name is Jerod, and I lead online communities.

For going on 10 years, I've been the host of The Assembly Call, a podcast and community dedicated to Indiana University basketball. This experience taught me how much I enjoy the process of launching and developing online communities.

Last year, I founded the Unemployable Initiative with Brian Clark, which is a community for freelancers, solopreneurs, and anyone else with a goal of building a "7-Figure Small" business.

And I recently launched a newsletter at my website Primility that explores the intersection between servant leadership and online community commerce. I send it out every Wednesday, and I'll eventually build a community over there.

I'm here because I'm really excited to follow along with how  Jay Clouse  uses Circle to engage this community. I know I'll learn a lot from his example. I also can foresee launching a freelance service as a coach/consultant for other online community builders, and I know I have a lot that I can learn from experienced freelancers.

And if anyone has questions about building online communities, I hope to be able to share some of what I've learned along the way.
Welcome  Jerod Morris .  I joined the Unemployable Initiative a couple of months ago.  I was searching for communities to join.  I went to the Virtual Town Hall where you mentioned Circle and showed Freelancing School as an example.  So, joined this community also.  Definitely differences between Mighty Networks and Circle.

But, definitely see the benefits of being in multiple communities and their value.  Thanks to both you and  Jay Clouse  for your community management.
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 Jerod Morris  Wow, cool list of projects you are involved with. Looking forward to connecting with you and sharing a few ideas along the way. Yea,  Jay Clouse (he/him)  is a good person to study as a template for success in many areas. Welcome to the group.
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It's so great to have you here,  Jerod Morris ! I have a lot to learn from you too, I'm sure. It was awesome having Brian on the podcast a couple months ago, and I see a lot of potential in working together!

Congrats on the launch of Primility – subscribing now!
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